Self-Catering flat for Rent in Alakahia

Self-Catering Flat for Rent, this building is located in Alakahia off Choba axis of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. It is available for immediate acquisition by students or any caliber of individual.

These is a dual building which faces each other and is built on a standard one plot of land. There are over ten rooms in total in this building and many apartments has already been rented.

Self-catering/self-contained apartments are single room space that contains all facilities for instance toilet, bathroom, spacious room and as well an en-suite kitchen.

self-contained apartments has certain benefits which it enjoys that makes it well distinguished from other types of building and these benefits are highlighted below:

  1. Space:It room space is notably wide with constructed wardrobe fixed to the wall for keeping personal items
  2. Ability to cook:The single occupant in this building type has the kitchen space in the building all to him or herself so cooking of any type of meal so wished to eat is a free option as there is no one to fight over the space with him.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: The occupant of a self contained apartment bears all cost accruable to his or her unit of occupation such cost as annual rent, electricity bill, water charge and many more. Most times these bills to be paid are generally divided between occupants of the building and then shared per unit thereby less the cost or amount to be paid by each person . These is more minimal and preferable compared to a couple who lodges in a separate room in a hotel and has to pay for the different bills pertaining to each room rent.
  4.  Unique in Style: Every building has specific attribute which allows tenants to experience that house away from their main home. self-contained apartments are always enclosed with an iron gate at each unit of entrance. It is well partitioned using a wall to demarcate one unit from the other in manner that only the inhabitant of a unit has access to his or her unit. Also, the room, kitchen, bathroom are easily and quickly accessed without difficulty.
  5. Savings: a self catering apartment is a building type which can allow one to save money for holidays or investment purpose. The cost of buying several  housing facilities needed to decorate your home is very minimal. Already the kitchen is all en-suite with cabinets, sink, a running tap, all one needs to fixed are kitchen utensils and a gas cooker. Same goes to the toilet which has been fixed with bathroom facilities. So all occupants needs to pay is but a few things thereby helping him to make enough savings

Self-Catering flat for Rent are mostly lived by people who distaste sharing same facilities with other occupants therefore, all they need is for every facility to be confined in their abode.

The building is gated, fenced and in a serene environment. The entire compound is well inter-locked and there is space within the compound where meetings/gatherings can be held and so a mapped area where clothes can be sun dried after been washed


The annual rent of which this self-contained apartment is renting is the sum of One hundred and Forty Thousand naira

#140k /per year

Note: the inspection fee and agent fee is highly excluded but is slightly negotiable.

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