About Us

fabzcomfort is a Reliable and Trusted Land and Properties platform founded in March 2022.

Our aim is to guide the general public who wishes and are willing to own their own and dreamed land and Landed properties (e.g building, house) through actualisation of such by bring latest decent and affordable land and land properties to their doorsteps without stress or having to travel here and then inorder to have such.

We also offer the service of bring jobs and connecting employees to employers if labour. There are many other features we offer ranging from career, news and education.

Fabzcomfort has also helped many house seekers get their dream houses by using our site (Fabzcomfort.com) house tips and we’ve also made a lot of publications as well. In same vein we have helped connect job seekers to their dream and desired jobs

We also provide updates on empty land, quality and affordable houses consisting of both residential, commercial, recreational, special purpose houses and many more…

Our goal is to ensure that both the rich and middle class and poor within the society have access to own or live in their dream houses and work in the reputable companies of their choice

To Encourage a range of affordable, accessible, and decent rental housing options throughout the society.

To encourage the expansion of the capacity of neighborhood houses.

To promote the planning, design, and construction of a wider range of housing unit types for all income levels and age group.

To continue to provide developers with appropriate levels of information and service partaining to purchase of land and diplidated buildings which can be restructured into something entirely different.

Fabzcomfort is always refreshed regularly with new house updates, jobs, education and many other news that will help both the rich,the middle class and the poor individuals in owing their dream houses and live happily. You will surely find out one land and Landed properties which fits into your budget.

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Thanks for giving us your precious time and please do always check our website for latest updates on recent properties available for either purchase, rent or sale ranging from bungalows, semi-detached duplex, fully detached duplex, terrace duplex, warehouses, and many more.

We also rent and sale self-contained apartment, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments, four bedroom apartments, five bedroom apartments, duplexes, warehouses, townhouses and many more

We also help developers to advertise their properties online for easy accessibility. These days people no longer pay agents to help them get a house rather they get acquainted with their dream houses online.

Our comment box is always there to help any individual who sees any house he or she loves, just drop a comment on the comment box and we will definitely reach out to you by providing whatever you require and even assist you in going for the inspection of such house chosen by you.

The contact Numbers we also tag in our post are correct you can also place a call across to them to help direct you to where the property is located. We prefer that the buyer comes down to see the property by him or herself as we don’t not run a scam business.

We do not collect money from our visitors just to take them to where the property is located, it is free. Beware of scammers and report any to the admin