Self Contain for rent in choba port harcourt (6 vacant rooms)

Self Contain for rent in Choba port harcourt which is a few minutes trekking to the university of Port Harcourt school premises is  tastefully built and awaiting for occupation.

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These particular building is one of its type within this neighborhood due to its unique design and built structures. It can be assessed in about few minutes drive from the university of Port Harcourt teaching hospital junction

Self Contain for rent in Choba port harcourt

These is a newly built self-contain around choba axis, the vicinity within the location of this building makes use of Alakahia electricity wiring due to its closeness to the area.

If you live around this place you will know that Alakahia electricity power supply is far more recommendable than the former.

There are four mounted GP tank in the building where water can be pumped from the sumur, it is laying on an iron scaffolds and has steps through which the tanks can be reached.

The building is been supported with two heavy columns which helps to hold the weight of the entire structure and is been titled all round. Also, some certain parts of the building walls basically in the exterior part is titled inorder to help avert rapid delipidation of the structure

Self Contain for rent in Choba port harcourt

Waste waters are been channelled to flow outside the compound inorder to avoid pools of water within the premises which can lead to hybrid of mosquitoes thereby causing malaria sickness to occupants

All plumbing and electrical works in the compound are neatly connected to avoid structural failure.

The block laying during the building construction are well placed. Also, wires and broken bottles are used in the fencing to help ensure safety of lives and protect properties.

The self contain for rent in choba port harcourt is a storey building and has two vernada’s at the passage upstairs where one can comfortably seat to have a view of happenings within and outside the premises and it is covered with dwarf iron bars to avoid or prevent one from slipping off.

The compound is highly spacious as there are spaces where occupants can spread there washed clothes and even carry out certain sport activities, birthday celebration and many more. It can also accommodate all occupants whenever they wish to conduct a compound meeting.

The Self Contain for rent in Choba port harcourt contains over 10 rooms. Each of the units in the building has well spaced rooms which has wardrobe,  kitchen and bathroom

The kitchens are big and contains cabinets, sink, a running tap and is been titled on the walls and floor. Also, the bathrooms has modern toilet facilities already fixed and are all functional, it is as well titled on the floor and walls. Each of them has a connecting door to the room.

The walls are properly screeded and painted with good looking paints to make it colorful and habitable.

The roofing is well placed and POP ceiling used to make the interior worth its cost

The building is in an inter-locked environment which is fenced round and protected with a gate


Each unit in the above detailed self-contained apartment is available on the annual rent of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand naira only

#250k/ per Annum

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  1. Hello. Is there still vacancy? I’m interested. Or if you have any other suggestions. I’m looking for a self con around choba or alakahia


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