Luxurious 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex with BQ

Luxurious four chambers apartment that has a boys quarters at Chevron 2nd toll gate Lekki pennisula is ready for sale.

These gorgeously and magnificent duplex is affordable to be paid for as the architectural design and edifices are superb

Individuals looking for a comforting and tastefully finished Semi-detached in a high-brow area in lekki, this is a perfect match.

Each of the apartments has its own parking lot and a dwarf wall  which demarcates each apartment from the other

There is a security post/house in each compound where the employed security personnel can live while exercising his duties

Each of the security house has a kitchen and rest room to ensure the security personnel is comfortable and relaxed.

There is maximum security coverage in the vicinity of which the building  is not excluded. It has treated water through the help of a water treatment plant already put in place. There is as well fixed in-built speakers in all corners of the building for entertainment purposes.

The compound is beautifully inter-locked and has a good tared road network. It has mounted CCTV cameras at strategic places to help monitor illegal and legal activities within the premises both inside and outside.

The surroundings are also tared as the property is located in a well reputable estate in Lekki

The Luxurious 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex comes with two balconies in the front and back of the building. Balconies are one of the essential units in the property because of its relevance  and added value to the property.

Here, is part of the building where property owners can relax when they wish to receive fresh air and have a view  of the surroundings. It is well enclosed with a balustrade to prevent one or kids while in the balcony to fail from it.

It has en-suit bedroom with wardrobes and toilets in each of the four bedrooms. It’s bathroom is colourful and has modern toilet equipments already and neatly fixed ranging from a water heater, bath-tub and so on to ensure comfortable usage

The building has connecting walls that separates them from each other. This property is awesome as its edifices and structural design is so stunning.

The externals are painted with a white colour paint. The windows  are of sliding type and are all well positioned and fixed in a manner to allow air in  and out flow into the interiors.

There is a  pantry  cupboard  specifically in the kitchen where food, beverages, dishes can be kept. It also as a pantry space in the dinning where provisions and certain snacks and foods are kept for easy access.

The Kitchen has a space for store house where household cleaning chemicals, linens and other certain items used in the home can be stored. The floor and walls are well titled respectively, the Microwave, Oven and gas cooker and certain equipment has been fixed. It also has a center table where meal preparation can be carried out.

It has a boys quarters for staff to live and  possibly for visitors. There is a walk-in ways in the upstairs through which the rooms can be accessed.

It has a well spaced family lounge in the property where everyone can convene and relax after a days work. It also serve as a place in the building where visitors or family members can convene for a group activity or recreation such as discussion, watching television, playing certain games and so on.

The side of the wall where the Television will be fixed has already been carved out. There are several windows in the sitting room to ensure quality air  and daylight passage

The Luxurious 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex has a well built and designed visitors toilet which is been titled on both walls and floor with fixed sweet looking modern facilities for easy use at the sitting room.

The ceiling type that is used to give the roofing a nice close is Plaster of Paris POP. It is well designed and has LED lights fixed in it that added to its taste and aesthetic view.

The Floors are titled all around. The upstairs can be assessed through a stair case in the sitting room. The steps are place accordingly and in a standard pattern, it has a hand rail for and fixed lights easy movement

At completion of all obligations pertaining to acquisition of the property, a governor’s consent permit document  and all other documents in regards to the property shall be presented to the purchaser showing that he or she is the legal owner of the property from the date of purchase.



For enquirers or inspection of the property, feel free to contact us. You can also do well by leaving notes as you will get a reply from us in a short while.

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