SelfContain for rent in ada-george

Self-Contained in Ada-George which is standardly built and new is ready for use

It is built on a two plots of land measuring 100 by 100.

The land has been registered under the ministry of lands

All necessary documents pertaining ownership of the land has been obtained by the landlord

The building is laying in a good site which has been developed and has a good tared road network

The street to where the building is located is also tared and has a gutter on both sides for flow of dirt water or rainfall

Dumping of refuse in the street is highly prohibited, one can one dump refuse at the allocated area

Anyone who lives in port Harcourt and knows the new road by Ada-George don’t need to panic because the area is tared

They also enjoy federal electricity power supply in the area, as one don’t need to spend much purchasing generator

But getting it is an added advantage as the system of power supply in the country is sometimes unspeakable

The building is in a serene environment and the compound is neatly inter-locked

The compound floor is done in a way that few minutes after rainfall they won’t be pool of water.

There are several built units of this Self-Contained apartment in this wonderfully looking compound.

It has mounted Gp tank in the compound where water from the underground is pumped into through the help of the sumur.

Due to the stayed power supply within the vicinity the compound always have water

Each unit is well secured with an iron burglary protector for occupants safety and comfort

The compound is very large as tenants are free to park there cars, tricycle etc…

The self-contained in Ada-George is well screeded and painted with good looking and lasting paints.

All the wirings in the building has been carried out and neatly done as there are no wires running in the surface.

Each room has an exit door at the backyard. The rooms are very big and has a wardrobe.

One can comfortably keep his or her echolec box or bags on the top of the wardrobe

The kitchen is wide and has cabinets  and a sink with tap for washing of dishes and meal processing

The toilet is spaced as well. It has water heater and other facilities which are newly fixed

The building is well titled in all the floors. Whereas, the toilet and kitchen floor and walls are titled respectively.

This Self-Contained apartment is so nice and highly recommended to individuals seeking for such apartment

The landlord does not live within the premises and they tend to be a cordial relationship with him as he has a goodwill



Kindly drop a message in the comment section below and wait our quick reply

We will call you and book a date for inspection. it will be highly appreciated if the person to occupy the premises will come him or herself for the inspection

Agency fee is 10% of the grand total payable for acquisition of the self-con while inspection is highly negotiable

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  1. Please I need a self contain around these areas too can I have your number so we can talk better cause it’s kinda urgent


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