Apartments in Eneka for Sale

Apartments in Eneka behind Emerald college, Port Harcourt Rivers State available for immediate sale

These gorgeous apartments in this beautifully constructed property is made of 4 Bedrooms, a self-contained and a shop.The area enjoys federal light and 24/7 security and water supply.

A bungalow apartment is an architectural style that, by definition, consists of a single level dwelling with a low-pitched roof. Common features include porches and balconies with access to multiple rooms, exterior walls made of block, and Alumaco windows and doors. The first use of the term on record was in 1908, but examples from the past show that the style has been used long before that time. 

Bungalow apartments have steadily become a more popular housing option in large metropolitan areas where space is limited. What may seem to be an disadvantage at first is actually the primary benefit of this construction style, as it allows for ample interior space without sacrificing outdoor space. Bungalow apartment living can be an ideal arrangement for those who work long hours and enjoy relaxing or entertaining outdoors after work. Rather than making compromises for the sake of living in a cramped home, those choosing bungalow apartments can enjoy both the inside and outside worlds that suit their lifestyles most.

The Apartments in Eneka comes with POP ceiling and well titled floor.

Bungalow apartment floor plans are often small but efficient, taking advantage of every inch of available space while also leaving room for plenty of windows and balconies. Many bungalow apartments retain a cozy sensibility despite their small size, thanks to soaring ceilings and high-quality craftsmanship. Those searching for bungalow apartments with affordable prices can find options that don’t compromise on luxury finishes, such as cabinetry and trim details made from reclaimed wood and metal. Because they’re so common, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one in your desired neighborhood; the range in pricing will depend on location within the city rather than construction type

Finding your ideal bungalow apartment is not easy. There are many factors to consider, especially in the rapidly-growing city. After looking at a few properties, you’ll want to make sure your new home is safe, serene, and conducive to relaxing with family and friends. The location of the property is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a home as it could mean the difference between enjoying a quiet day within walking distance from work or school or being stuck in gridlock for hours on end. Placing high value on safety and security will also help you rest easy at night. If a home lacks amenities like well-lit walkways, 24/7 security personnel, gated community access, and CCTV surveillance of common areas, it’s likely that there are other issues that may have an impact on your life as well! These issues can include: poor quality housing materials, dilapidated structures near or around your residence that resemble some buildings

These Apartments in Eneka is tasteful and standard.The external walls are titled to keep it structurally sound  in order for it to last for long. It has a very spacious compound which is fenced and gated.

The self-contain apartment has its own entrance point and has a spacious room, the shop is outside the premises but has a door through which the owner can assess the compound. It has its own toilet and kitchen separate from the 4 bedroom.

Individual  who purchases this house can decided to rent out the self-con and be collecting rent on it even the shop

At the completion of all necessary payments documents  of the house shall be handed over to the buyer to show that he or she is now the rightful owner of the house.

Deed of Conveyance is the title document backing up the purchase



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