Land for Sale in Igwuruta

Land for sale in Igwuruta. A virgin one plot of land is available for sale in the already stipulated area in Rivers State. The Land is fully grown with grasses and is located in an easily accessible area. The drive way to where the plot of land is located has been well graded making it very motor-able.

The area is secured and has already built houses within the locality where it is cited. Due to the green nature of the available plot for sale the buyer can decide to put it into agricultural use if he or she is not yet prepared to erect a building in the land in the nearest time.

These land is a perfect deal to be used for the mean time for planting because it has been a long time when it has been subjected for farming purpose, its nutritive content is of high value and will definitely do well if used for farming purpose for the mean time before building can be erected, that is if the buyer is not in haste of developing the land immediately.

The empty plot of land is already registered with the ministry of lands which means the buyer  will have to spend less, also beacons has been placed at the boundaries of the subject land to carefully demarcate it from other lands within the locality so as not to lead to controversy with other land owners. All the buyer has to do is to pay for development levy and settle the youths within the locality so that he or she will not be disturbed in carrying out activities in his or her purchased land

Apart from the subject one plot of land for sale here, there are other empty plots available to be sold also in case the buyer needs more than a plot or wishes to accumulate several plots of land.

The value of land appreciates rapidly as the day goes by, land sold in this area this year and for this price will double up in the nearest future or let say in five years to come. It is a good business idea to purchase as many as possible empty plots of land now and keep (if one does not wish to develop it) give it some years and see that the amount it would be sold will be 3-times the amount it was bought.

Acquisition of land and landed properties is one of the best investment one can make because its interest of yield appreciates from years to years and never depreciates

These nice and accessible virgin plot of land is still available for sale, interested buyers should kindly drop a message in the box designed below so that we can schedule date for inspection. We operate on first to pay has it so if in dear need of if hurry now while the offer last.


The Land for sale in Igwuruta goes for an affordable amount of Two Million Five Hundred thousand naira only.


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