Tailgate Food and Travel Cost Skyrockets

Carey Reilly, an expert on Sports and Lifestyle shares true facts and tips to combat the skyrocketing costs of tailgate staples

News flash, today’s high inflation is coming for tailgate and the football fans

Your favourite and most cherished team tailgate’s games this very season might cost a little more than usual as the prices of food, beer and gas climbs higher than ever

Yesterday, Carey Reilly a lifestyle expert joined friends and Fox to share some of her helpful advice and tips on how to save money on tailgating essentials

Slickdeal.net happened to be her first suggestion which should be checked out; this is a community of shoppers who usually send alerts on great deals from miscellaneous vendors

She pointed out that the current end-of-summer and labor day season is actually the best time to scout out deals and discounts

Also, she displayed at Fox Square, that she found on the walmart website for $34 where everything from TV’s to coolers great deals can be found out.

Reilly, was of the opinion of ditching the grill and opting for chips and dip instead for tailgaters looking to save on food

She went on to display an example, snack spread with bowls of shredded cheese, sour cream, lettuce, beans and tomato salsa so that guests could create their own nacho plates.

Reilly, also suggested the alternative of mixing an inexpensive bottle of wine with some fruit juice and fruit slices to make sangria

She pointed out that it would actually be so delicious when been put in the fridge for an hour or two

Still speaking, Reilly figured out that it could be better to invest in freezer snacks that can be popped into an air fryer or oven for those who may not be attending in-tailgates who may choose to home-gate

She concluded by saying that quick-popped food can be well accompanied on a tray of miscellaneous vegetables and other snacks for presentation.

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