Serviced 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex

Fully serviced 4 bedroom terrace duplex for sale and so located in a remarkable Estate in Lagos state, NigeriaūüŹ†ūüŹ†

Because of the demand for such nicely built property, just few units of the apartment is left to be totally occupied

The compound is so spacious and waste bin buckets are kept are points to ensure occupants cultivate the habit of cleanliness

The area is so peaceful because the occupants are vigilant as well as the employed security personnel’s who carry out their duties.

The compound is in a serene environment and enjoys tare road network. Boreholes is dug in the compound so as to ensure continuous flow of water

Location: Chevron drive, Lekki

Price: 62m per unit

Interested in this property? Kindly place a call to an agent on +2347012856907 or +2348070847312


Property Features

Fully fitted kitchen

En-suite bedrooms and well designed wardrobes

24/7 power supply

Family Lounge and Balcony

24/7 security

CCTV cameras

Sophisticated finishings

Because of unclean nature of water in this area a water treatment plant was so installed to ensure that the water pumped is purified for human use and consumption

Extra features


In-built speakers because leisure and entertainment purposes

Walk-in closet and boy’s quarters

POP ceiling and LED lights

Jacuzzi bath tub

Each of the units of these services 4 bedroom terraced duplex has sophisticated finishings

The family lounge has been tastefully designed just awaiting for personal properties to be fixed because no other improvement is required

The compound is well spaced, same as all the rooms. Also, there are flower pots fixed at points to add to it’s aesthetic view

Kitchen Cabinets, sinks, center table(for preparing meals), washing machine, water heater and many more

The walls has been so nicely perforated with good blocks to avoid occupants from damaging the walls

The area detailing of the vicinity where this serviced apartment is located can be ascertained by clicking on the link  Area Usher


Property Area      Added On

Chevron, Lekki   19/8/2022


Type                Market Status

Duplex               Available


Bedroom               Bathroom

4                                 4


Toilet              Parking Space

5                              2


Furnishing         Servicing

Furnished           Serviced

The fully furnished and serviced 4 bedroom terrace duplex lays in a developed estate and enjoys maximum (24/7) electricity power supply and security

Interested in this property? Kindly place a call to an agent on +2347012856907 or +2348070847312


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