Lekki, Area Usher


Lekki may be a highbrow town situated within the south-eastern a part of Lagos. you’ll notice it right below the Lagos lake and higher than the Atlantic Ocean.

Currently referred to as one in all the foremost pricey places to measure, Lekki was erst a slum referred to as Maroko.

Back within the 90s, inhabitants of the previous Maroko slum were affected by very poor economic opportunities and slum-related diseases. they might not save themselves and continued to wallow within the unsafe atmosphere.

Colonel Raji Rasaki, the then military State Governor in Lagos intervened by exploitation military forces to evict them therefore on construct.

Whereas, the fairness of the government’s actions has been oppose, today, Lekki is each a highbrow residential and business space.

Victoria Island and Ikoyi ajoin Lekki to the left and Epe may be found to its right.

The residential project within the town is split into Phases 1&2. solely Lekki section one is completed whereas section a pair of is nearing completion.

In between section one and a couple of, there ar alternative in camera developed residential estates and sub-LGAs.

Interesting Facts

Did you recognize Lekki was named once a Portuguese sailor named adult male. Lecqi? I bet you didn’t.

Mr. Lecqi arrived in metropolis within the early 1800s. He was familiar for salt-making and slave mercantilism.

This created him thus well-liked that the individuals of the city mechanically known as the place wherever he lived, “Lecqi’s place”. The name later evolved into being wheat as “Lekki.”

Lekki is thought for being one in every of the foremost costly places to measure in Lagos; but, it’s still one in every of Nigeria’s hottest property hubs.

Leisure and Shopping Centre

Lekki includes a big selection of looking opportunities. does one opt to search inside or outdoors? no matter you’re, Lekki has you lined.

With numerous malls within the space, looking in Lekki will be plenty of fun.

The Lekki Arts and Crafts Market is well-known for the neatness and kind of its wares.

Despite the actual fact that it’s outside, it permits you to haggle costs, not like looking malls. Another fashionable market in Lekki is Jakande.

Sky Mall could be a sensible place to travel if you wish to buy, play, and eat inside. they need a family diversion centre, a mart, and a range of different activities.

Mega Plaza Century twenty one Mall and Morphix Plaza ar 2 different notable looking and diversion destinations.


In Lekki, education is way from basic. Lekki is home to a number of Lagos’ most prestigious and high-ticket colleges.

The issue regarding Lekki colleges is that they supply quite simply ancient education.

Field visits, sports, extracurricular activities, excursions, sea school, arts and crafts, music, and drama area unit all samples of active experiential tutoring.

Green springs college, Neader International college, onyx college, New Hall International college, grassland Hall college, laguna college, Debiruss college, and Pinefield colleges area unit a number of the foremost well-known colleges within the space.

Popular Estates

What happens once Lagos’ creme American state la creme requests further security, privacy, and exclusivity? Lekki heeds their decision.

Lekki provides an outsized variety of estates to its residents so as to supply extra security and exclusivity.

The residents of Northern formation Estate, one among Lekki’s costliest estates, have access to a correct system.

it’s been ready to alleviate the renowned flooding issues within the Lekki space.

Ocean Bay Estate, Lekki County Estate, Mayfair, finish Park, Pearl Garden Estate, VGC, Meridian Luxury Park, Atlantic read Estate, Carlton Gate Estate, et al. square measure notable estates

Day Life

Recreational facilities….check! Beaches….check! Restaurants…. yes!

Lekki is definitely a one-stop buy fun and diversion.

Because of its proximity to the Atlantic, there ar varied beaches on the coast.

Lekki Leisure Lake may be a holidaymaker attraction that gives water activities like jet sport, pedal boat rides, quad bike rides, wave boats, and so on.

Marwa beach, Atican beach, Alpha beach, Prime beach, Lekki Leisure Lake, Oniru beach, Redline, Avista beach, and Eleko beach ar simply some alternative examples.

Rufus and Bee may be a game centre wherever guests will play a range of games. Video games, arcade games, bowling, virtual games, and plenty of alternative styles of games ar out there.

Check out Filmhouse cinemas, Grand cinemas, Sky cinemas, and Genesis cinemas for the newest movies and blockbusters.

The Nike room is presently the country’s largest room, with the foremost art works on show.

The Yemi Shyllon depository may be a Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) resource that boasts one in every of the foremost in depth and various art collections within the country.

The frozen dessert manufactory, Kobis eating place, toothsome chicken, Lavee top, The night restaurant, 788 on the ocean, Sotees eating place, Circa eating place, RSVP eating place, Metisse eating place, Buka hut, et al ar among the places to eat Lekki.

Check out Paradise spa, Oxid luxury spa, sdb spa, Jane’s haven, The Henna place, and Daview spa and for your spa wants.

Night Life

Lekki is obtainable for all night owls to own an honest time.

You’ll be able to relax in one in all the numerous lounges, an everyday club, or a beach club.

Ebony Lounge, Jesse Lounge, Club Mirage, Novato Night Club, and Elysium Night Club area unit all nice places to hold out.

You’ll be able to additionally party at any of those beach clubs: Mood Beach Club, Wave Beach Club, and dampish Beach Club.

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