Nigeria is being dressed in borrowed robes, Atiku Abubakar

On Tuesday Atiku Abubakar the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said in a statement that more Nigerians are getting poorer and miserably than it was in 2015.

He channelled all blames on the current administration led by President Buhari for worsening the economy of the country since he assumed office

The Former Vice President made this know yesterday at the private sector economic forum organised in Lagos State by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Atiku Abubakar’s exact speech at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I thank the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry for giving me this platform to speak to such a distinguished audience and on such a germane issue. As you are aware I have been in the private sector running my businesses and feel, therefore, very comfortable amid captains of industry, entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. So, this is like home coming to me. It is Business2Buisness. A meeting of like minds.

Why is this gathering important not just for us but for our great country as well?

First, in times of uncertainty such as we are experiencing today, it is the hallmark of leadership for business and political actors to pause, anticipate, before taking the next steps. Our actions today will have consequences on our tomorrow and the day after.

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Second, Nigeria is in transition as the APC government leaves the stage and the PDP takes over -with your support and goodwill- come May 2023. It is your duty, therefore, to take stock of the assets (if there are any) and liabilities (which will be huge!!!) of the APC administration. It is also your responsibility to interrogate those who aspire to govern the country. You must assess their understanding of the environment, their policy priorities, and their strategies for dealing with a plethora of local and national issues from the mundane to the most complex.

You should never allow political slogans to take the place of development plans. Political propaganda on Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram is never a substitute for proper socio-economic and political agenda.

Thirdly and finally, the private sector is key to any government’s development agenda and must be always listened to. For those who do not realise the criticality of the private sector in Nigeria’s development, the following will whet your appetite: is

He pin-pointed that basic commodities are now far above the reach of an average Nigerian. Farmers now pay double of the price of fertilizer and even a loaf of bread is now been sold above #100 compared to what it was

Atiku Abubakar went ahead to state that Nigeria has drastically lost its position as the esteemed and most preferred Africa’s investment destination to less endowed nations

Is no longer a news that even Ghana currency is now more valued compared to naira

Still pouring out his heart failed concern, the former vice president said that the nation’s economy, social, political and even security challenges have persisted and might led to frightening dimensions if proper care is not taken

The PDP flag bearer decried at the level of poverty and rate of unemployment in the nation stating that this are factors which is capable of leading youths into all manner of criminalism

He politely hinted on infrastructural financing, A warm handshake with the private sectors, growth to create jobs and wage war against hunger,fiscal restructuring to improve liquidity and the management of our fiscal resources as well as investment are measures his administration will undertake to ensure and eliminate the problem of insecurity and low rate of the nation’s economy if elected as the nation’s leader come 2023 election. He ended his speech by saying that he is not a novice when it comes to economic reforms and management

Check 2015 down and currently you will see that the Nigerian economy is crawling rather than blossoming. Also, due to over population the per capital income measure of the citizens well-being has progressively and drastically fallen since 2015 that there was assumption of office by the APC government

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