Finished 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex

Finished 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex which was standardly constructed following the architectural design is ready for sale.

This gorgeous and well built property is located at Chevron 2nd Toll Gate Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria

Lagos State is the most populated state in the country and with alot of sweet looking and high brow real estates built at strategic locations.

The fastest route from Ajah motor park to Lekki 2nd toll gate, Lagos State takes about 20 minutes drive.

The direction is well detailed below: From Ajah motor park head northeast on jubilee brg/epe express road, continue on the right direction pass by endurance sand, granite and building material (on the right).

Divate right and pass by ark ridge integrated limited(on the left). Take the ramp to jubilee brg/epe express road and merge, pass by slot in Lekki (on the right in 400m).

Slight left on the epe express road Lekki pass by popo mechanical services(on the right). Then take the exit and turn left passing by maxtidy cleaning company(on the left).

Then turn right unto olugborogan town road passing by pioneer cars(on the right). Turn right in 40 minutes drive and then turn left passing by church gate auto mobile and service limited(on the left).

Then you have arrived at 2nd toll gate Lekki pennisula, Lagos state Nigeria.

This part of the state has most of the best serene environment and good looking houses. There are lots of recreational centers, worship centers, schools, markets, restaurants, hotels and many more.

Property Description:

They property is in a serene and inter-locked environment.

It lays on a complete two plots of land with enough space in the compound

There is fence covering the building and demarcating from other properties. It also has a gate

There is a boys quarters in the property and a kid’s play area for them to carry out sports activities.

It has an en-suite bedrooms which are spacious particularly the master’s bedroom. It also has a wardrobe where one can keep his or her personal belongings.

The rooms are well finished with the windows positioned in a manner to allow daylight and ventilation

The roofing sheets are beautifully designed and installed with modern sheets.

POP ceiling is used, it added more to the interior aethestic view with the help of LED lights inputed with flashy colours of light

The interior of the building is a sweet and fabulous world of its own. It is well finished

The kitchen is fully fitted and well spaced. It has several cabinets and is well titled on both walls and floor

It has a center table where one can prepare meals, it has sockets fixed for use.

The entire floor of the building is neatly titled with sweet and stain removal titles

The Finished 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached building is secured 24/7 and enjoys steady power supply.

The blocks used in the building construction is of high quality together with other building materials

The sitting room is spacious and has a rest room for visitors. It also comes with a dinning space

The staircase to upstairs is accessible through the sitting room. The windows in the sitting room and stairs were also well positioned to allow ventilation and daylights.

The building has a gym house where occupants can carry outĀ  gym exercises

There’s is a pantry in the building. It also has a boys quarters where staff and certain visitors can stay

Each of the rooms in the boys quarters has a toilet and a kitchen

There is steady supply of water to all units, it also has a water treatment plant to help make it water clean for use.

Each of the four bedrooms in these gorgeously finished Semi-detached duplex has a toilet

The toilets are titled on both walls and floor, it has installed modern toilet facilities and a Jacuzzi bath tub area.

There is a swimming pool in the compound and CCTV cameras to help monitor activities within the compoundĀ  both inside and outside.

There are installed in-built speakers in the building to give sound during pleasure/entertainment times

Governor’s consent is the legal title existing I’m the purchase of the property.



For enquiries or inspection contact 07012856907

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