Splendid 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex

Splendid 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with boys quarters and other fixtures and features which is neatly built is ready for sale.

These property is located at the Chevron 2nd Toll Gate Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

Fully detached buildings are considered the best because of its privacy. One who lives in a fully detached apartment has to have complete privacy as no one can enter into the property accept the gate is been opened for him or her

Also the owner has the fully right to accept who passed the gate, no one knocks at your door or enter into your house without passing through the gate.

The property is staying separate on its own plot of land. The land has been fully purchased with all necessary purchase documents ascertained

Fence is used to demarcate it from other properties within the vicinity and a gate to safely enclose it.

There are look alike properties like the subject property but yet a lot of differences in the exterior and majority in the interior.

The building is neatly finished, well plastered, screeded and smoothly painted.

The paints used in making this property look gorgeous are all of original and high quality content. They will last for long without wearing off and also stains on the wall can be easily removed.

The entire compound is has a good inter-locked road network and it has s space where laundry clothes can be hung.

There is also space in the compound for parking lots as it can accommodate more than two cars.

The building has boys quarters specifically for staff like the driver, cleaners and so on. There is also a security house for the security personal to live.

Each of the rooms in the boys quarters is well built, painted and tiled.

The rooms are well spaced, has a toilet in each and a kitchen.

The property is in a serene environment. The road also leading to the house is tared

The neighborhood is quite and calm as there are no noise arising from occupants.

These area has well built residential properties specifically for the high profile individuals.

Some part of the wall is titled with gorgeous titles to add to its beauty.

Each of the five bedrooms are all an en-suite with wardrobes and taughtfully spaced.

It has a door whereby the toilet can be assessed as all the rooms comes with its own toilet which has been well equipped.

It is titled on both walls and floor. It has modern toilet facilities already fixed and also a Jacuzzi bath tub area and an enclosed glass area for shower bath

It has a sitting room on the upstairs and downstairs. The one upstairs is very spacious and has a door through which the balcony can be assessed.

All the windows in the property is well positioned inorder to allow daylight and ventilation into the interior.

The building also comes with a pantry and a family lounge.

There is 24/7 power supply and security in the vincinty and property

There is steady water supply in the property and an installed water treatment plant to help purify the water for use

The kitchen is very spacious and is titled on both walls and floor, has several cabinets constructed for keeping items.

It also has a well constructed center table which is been covered with a title. It serves as a place where food can be processed

The sitting room can be assessed through a door from the outside entrance point. It is spacious and has a visitor’s rest room incase one wishes to ease him or herself.

All the interior floor of the building is neatly titled with sweet looking titles.

The staircase to assess the upstairs is located in the parlour, is standardly built and has hand rail for easy movement.

POP ceiling is used in the building with fanciful looking LED lights to add to its beauty.

There is a 24/7 functional CCTV cameras mounted at strategic places in the building to help monitor activities in the compound.

The legal titleĀ  or document accompanying purchase of the Splendid 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex is the Governor’s Consent



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