2023 Census in Nigeria – NPC Warns Enumerators, Staffers against Partisanship and Laxity

The National Population Commission (NPC) earlier this week warned Staffers and Enumerators against partisanship and laxity during the 2023 Census in Nigeria.

Kogi NPC Federal Commissioner, Prof. Isa-Jimoh Isa-Jimoh, gave strict warning during a three Day Specialized Work Force and State Facilitators Training inauguration, held at Lokoja Metropolis.

Isa-Jimoh said that the 2023 census in Nigeria is going to be crucial to the federal government that it wouldn’t tolerate any attempt by anyone to rubbish it in any way or by any means.

Represented by NPC State Director is Mr Ojo Abiodun-Titus, the Commissioner posited, “the international community government and is waiting to have a credible, correcpt and acceptable census for national development purpose.”

Moreover, any attempt to cause havoc in this 2023 census in nigeria with partisanship and laxity as done in 2006, shall meet with stiff consequences and penalties according to law

It is demanded of Nigerians, when they are going out to the field, make sure you don’t have any link with any political structure especially putting on T-Shirts and Caps belonging to any political party

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He went on to advise Saying,”As field workers or enumerators, you should place Nigeria at heart above money and do this work without any form of laxity, because a successful, credible and acceptable census will benefit us all at the end”.

Prof. Makanjuole Osagbemi, The National Monitoring Consultant to the commissioner, while speaking, tasked the participants to take the training seriously so as to get the knowledge that would help in getting the census right this time around for a better Nigeria.

He implored the supposed field workers to put in their best in order to give the best to the nation, “We shall closely monitor works out there at the field more so we wouldn’t want anything to go wrong.”

The State Field Coordinator, “Nnamdi Ifeayi”, posisted that all enumerators would be paid their monies in full and as at when due, therefore they should not tow with the national assignment.

Ifeanyi still speaking advised, “We respect all our field officers including enumerators, staffers and monitors from whom we expect nothing but total aligenes in the upcoming 2023 census in nigeria in order to ascertain a successful and peaceful electoral exercise to the government and the international community.”

Over the past weekend, the Chairman of the National Population Commission, Nasir Isa Kwarra, briefed the press about the 2023 census in nigeria after his meeting with President, Muhammadu Buhari, at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja. He also assured the president strongly that the 2023 National Population and Housing Census would be held from March 29 to April 1.

Still making speech, he affirmed that this year’s census would be different from the past ones marred by controversies. He hopefully insisted that there would be no room for 2023 population census given the level of technology that would be deployed by the commission.

1999 Constitution and all official registration documents emphasised that Nigerians should be identified by their state of origin and their local government of origin and these are highly used in admitting children into government schools and universities, recruiting people into government establishments, and in appointing people into political and public offices; and in these aspect of the census the NPC has not said anything yet about it.

Our sole aim is to have a nation that abhors injustice, inequality, oppression, and suppression; situations where the strong  will no longer oppress the weak; the rich oppress the poor; the majorities oppress the minorities and even the well-read and well-travelled in the society, as well as the seemingly religious, all justify such acts of injustice loudly or by deafening silence. 

Because of the genesis of state of origin filled by citizens, it was discovered that if appointments were done based on merit (that it should be, through success in examination and performance), meanwhile some parts of country would have the upper hand in federal institutions.

Recall, that the Federal Character Commission came to be in 1954 to ensure that there is a balance between all. Even the USA has the Affirmative Action Policy which ensures that under-represented groups like Blacks and women get some ‘unfair advantage’ in education, business and employment as compensation for the years of disadvantage and discrimination.

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Nevertheless, in our dear country Nigeria justice is not blind: (Lady Justice) pulls down her blindfold regularly to study things. Take below as an illustration; The population of states was allegedly used to determine the number of local government areas in each state government. In same vein the  total population of states as well as the number of local government areas is used to determine the amount of money each state receives every month in terms of federal allocation.

For this respect, state governors due spend some good amount of money on publicity, urging the settlers never to return to their state of origin during the census. Meanwhile, those who are purely ‘indigenes’ and those who are ‘settlers’(non-indigenes) should help to determine the amount of money a state receives by the fact of its 2023 census population.

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