What happened to the decomposed landlord’s body found after four years?

What happened to the decomposed body after four years

Having gathered information from several sources, we want to examine what truly happened to Mr. Aderemi Joseph Abiola, the Awotan, Apete area of Ibadan landlord.

According to a resident of the said community who also happened to be a landlord in the place, the deceased does not normally associate with people in the environment, making it hard for them to discover he was late.

This is Mr. Joel Joseph talking to Mayaletv in his native language, Yoruba.

Mr. Joel was the first-hand source of information who made many things clear about the loss of the deceased, revealing it may not have been discovered this early if a building next to the house had not been experiencing discomfort due to Mr. Abiola’s death.

The landlord committee met and decided to report to the police station lately after another landlord in the building next to the deceased voiced out that he can no longer manage the rate at which a snake enters his compound.

This disheartening report made the police grant the community permission to go ahead and open the man’s gate, regardless of whether he was aware or not.

Unfortunately, the corps of the deceased were found lying in the bed when they got into the compound.

The community reportedly found three phones and a laptop with the man, which clearly shows that he never fought to resist himself from dying as a result of poison taken or whatever. He was lying ‘upright’ according to PremiumTimesNg.

It was also gathered that he seems to have left three children and a wife behind in another community. Sources alleged he had some problems in his marriage, which is the reason he left his family to come to settle in the new community only a few years back.

This could also be the reason no information was obtained when the state police command tried reaching out to his next of kin on the phone. He seems to have been on disagreeing terms with his entire family members before deciding to settle in a new environment.

While he was alive, the man was only close to Mr. Joseph’s wife, which made him get to know many things about him.

This news has sparked many reactions on the internet and people are left with the same opinion. It was that the man didn’t do well by not relating with people in his new environment, and many opine this is one reason broken homes should be managed properly.

Bring the news on the surface of the internet at the moment, everyone eagerly awaits the outcome of the investigation which according to the state police spokesman, Adewale Osifeso, had already begun.

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I want to be sure that this article has provided you with all you need to know about Me John Abiola, the landlord whose skeleton was found after about four years – because this is what the internet has heard so far.

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