A massively constructed and newly built lodge is available for rent around the university of port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The building consists of several units and is a two-storey building which consists of well built self- contain apartments.

Are you looking for a lodge as a student or an accommodation as a working class to relax and forget about your worries then Goshen Paradise lodge get you covered.


The attractive and nice looking lodge is situated at Aluu, Omuoko which is a few minutes drive from the university port Harcourt, Rivers State school gate at Choba. It is also close to market square and Everyday Supermarket at Choba.

The lodge is known and addressed as “Goshen Paradise”. It is a newly built hostel with about over twenty five rooms in it and each room is well and tasteful built.

It has four over head tanks mounted which supplies water to all units in the building.
There is enough space in the compound where one can comfortably park his/her car, tricycle etc.

There is also a plant house and a big Lister Generator to supply light to the building in case there is power outbreak or the transformer supplying light to the area is faulty.

There is a beacon and as well a relaxation space in the compound for comfort.

Flowers are planted within the compound which makes its aesthetic view more comforting.

There are also a steady flow of water in the building.

An electric poll passed through the environment from which electricity was drawn into the building that provides 24 hours electricity to the building.

There is also a security house within the environment which makes it very safe and conducive to live in.

It also has a enough space to be used as a football pitch where sports activities and other social activities can be carried out.

The blocks used in the building construction is one which does not sound out so loud, someone in his unit can comfortably stay in his/her room safe and speak without the neighbor hearing his/her conversations.

The entire units are titled, the kitchen and toilet is also titled from floor to the wall.

There is shower, wash hand basin, water closet and water heater in the toilet which makes it more outstanding than the likes of it kind.

The kitchen has cabinets where vital things like food stuffs etc can be properly kept.

The rooms a very large and can accommodate two persons comfortably.

The bulbs in the building are of energy bulbs which does not generate heat or consume a lot of current.

The windows are well positioned to allow fresh flow of air/ventilation into the room’s.

* There shall be an intimate relationship between the landlord, the lawyer and the occupants of the building. Also, the tenants relates with one another politely and peacefully.

* The tenant is mandated to keep the premises in a good manner as the repairs and maintenance of any dilapidated part of the building is his duty to fix it because before his entry into the building the landlord ensured all units are in good condition and functional and any tenant who spoils any facility in the building is to fix it to its original state before leaving the premises.

The hostel is rentable at the value of One hundred and eighty thousand naira only(#180,000).

Payment of any unit shall be made directly into the landlords account and of which receipt of payment shall be duly issued to the tenant. Installmental payment is not allowed and payment is done per annum.

For quick enquiries on how to go about in order to secure a unit self-contained in the above hostel contact us on 08070847312. Place your request now while there is still space in the building before all units in the building gets fully occupied.

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