3 bedroom apartment for rent in sars road

An already designed splendid upstairs/storey building among the severe acute respiratory syndrome road axis of Port Harcourt is prepared to be in residency.

Individuals in need in this area unit in expensive would like of a freshly designed 3 chamber lodging among the already mention space ought to hurry and grab this golden and sight viewing lodging that is nicely mounted on 2 plot of land.

The structure building is set in an exceedingly tared road network, neat and secured setting.

It is invariably a decent expertise to be among the primary individuals to measure in an exceedingly new building, as a result of all the structures and edifices area unit new and vivacious and occupants tends to own a most and funky enjoyment of the property

At this stage, the building is much from expertise wear and tear as all the components area unit still new. there’s no trace of cracks or breaks within the wall or floor. Also, the compound appearance therefore neat as they won’t be any inexperienced plant within the floor or wall everyplace appearance therefore sparkling and nice.

The facilities too area unit latest the walls appearance therefore swish and also the paints used area unit still scintillating. The titles employed in the ground area unit terribly neat while not breaks. The POP is wanting nice as there aren’t any dirt’s in them.

The soakaway pits area unit still empty compared to recent buildings that once the soakaway pits area unit stuffed croakroaches can begin to disturb the peace and comfy use of the tenants.

Three families or people solely|is merely|is simply|is just|is barely} required within the building because it has only 3 phases, this merely shows that there’ll be less noise generation during this building.

So anyone who desires a good lodging with less or no noise emission then this 3 chamber lodging in severe acute respiratory syndrome road may be a excellent choice to your house quest.

The compound is extremely massive to form area for automotive parks, and sure activity for youths. it’s conjointly gated with a security house set towards the exit and entrance purpose into the building.

The painting work of the building is completed in an exceedingly manner to minimise or eliminate speedy tired components of the external surface

In these building the master’s chamber is significantly massive in size compared to different rooms. Moreover, all the units area unit well spaced.

It has four bathrooms, one front room and dinning area, 3 verandas for relaxation or keeping of sure house things or instrumentality.

Each of the bedrooms encompasses a wardrobe associate degreed an entrance door through that the bathrooms is set.

The room is well sized and may be entered into through a door within the dinning, a porch is additionally positioned round the room axis

Each flat has its own pre-paid meter therefore no indweller should disturb the opposite over payment for genus Nepa bills

To ensure cleanliness of the compound may be a sole business of all occupants, the gate keeper will therefore do the improvement exercise or the service of a cleaner is utilized, it depends on the arrangement among tenants.


The value of the elaborated structure building in severe acute respiratory syndrome road that may be a couple of minutes drive from Rumuokoro fly-over goes for the annual rent assortment of

#800k/ annually

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