Standard and good looking four bedroom terrace duplex has just been listed for sale. It is located at Ikota Lekki, Lagos State.

This is a great opportunity for all who are in need of a decent home to buy as many units as they can afford either to live or better still to shortlist it to other individuals thereby making massive income while in their bed.

This terrace duplex was gorgeously built to satisfy the need of having a home which has been the desire of many.

Anyone who purchases a unit of the terrace duplex has it all to himself ranging from the down stairs to up stairs.

Everything one needs to live comfortably in a home has already been affixed in the building.

The parlour and kitchen space is very largeĀ  to accommodate many persons.

The kitchen has several cabinets where items used while cooking and food stuffs can be kept. There is as well an already installed washing machine in the kitchen space where laundry’s can be performed. A gas cooker, refrigerator and certain items needed in the kitchen has been fixed. The kitchen sink and tap is newly fixed and functional.

It has a dining space where one can eat his or her meal.

The toilet also has a large space as two persons can comfortably bath at once. There is water closet, wash hand basin, shower and a water heater.

The floor and wall of the toilet and kitchen is properly titled.

The roofing type used in the building is of modern roofing sheet.

The windows are all well positioned in areas where there is great air flow and it has a window net to prevent mosquito bites.

The ceiling used is also of modern type, plaster of Paris (pop) with an installed fancy lights in it which adds much beauty to all areas and corners of the interior part of the building.

There is an already installed DStv to ensure great relaxation of occupants.

It has a balcony where one can comfortably seat for relaxation and to catch fresh air and it is enclosed with a balusters.

The compound is massive to accommodate several cars been parked and it is neatly inter-locked.

The wiring of the building is done in such a manner that one cannot see any cable running on the floor.

There is steady supply of electricity within the vicinity where the building is built.

The water supply in the builng isĀ  24 hours as they won’t be any lack of water.

The building is properly fenced and there is a security house.


The asking price for the sale of this standardly built four bedroom terrace duplex goes for Seventy Million Naira only (#60m). The legal backing covering this sale is the Governor’s Consent.

After payment has been made to the developer’s account and all documents has been duly signed and stamped, receipts of acquisition or payment and other necessary documents shall be handed over to the purchaser stating that he or she is the new owner of the apartment.

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