Are you a married man with family or a single individual who wishes to live comfortable then these building is available for rent and has all necessary space needed to ensure comfortability of the occupant.

These nice and good looking apartment can be accessed and located at Ogbogoro, Port Harcourt, Rivers State It is about 25 mins drive from university of Port Harcourt School gate.

Ogbogoro is a village in Rivers State. Ogbogoro is situated nearby to Obukuru, and north of Aleparawan.

The map for easy direction to Ogbogoro Road is below. It is few minutes drive in Ozuoba.

The area where this three bedroom flat is located enjoys steady supply of electricity.

The road network passing where the building is standing is well tared. Road bumps are also constructed on the roads to help reduce reckless speeding my vehicles.

The building is located close to the road which makes it very easy to access.

The entire compound is well inter-locked and in so a manner to help water run off after rainfall.

The entire floor of the interior part of the building is neatly titled.

The building is well fenced which helps to ensure security of occupants.

The entrance doors that leads into the interior part of the building is protect with an iron burglary proof

The doors and windows are well and taught fully positioned in a manner to help ensure air inflow and outflow into the building.

The entire environment and neighborhood where this building is located enjoys maximum security which means that both human beings and properties are well safeguard through the help of other individuals as they exist brotherly love between everyone and also through the help of vigilanty personnels.

The kitchen is large in size with a medium sized sink for washing of dishes and other activities, several already constructed cabinets where certain items and cooking utensils can be kept. There is also a store room where food stuffs and other items can be stored or kept.

The building has a enough space in the compound where cars can be properly parked and even space where children can carry out certain sports activities.

The building has both front entrance door and back door at the backyard which can also be used in times of emergency.

There is also dinningĀ  space where meals can be served and eaten.

There’s security house within the building where a security man and live to ensure peaceful coexistence within the compound.

The parlour is large in size and well constructed. The walls are well screeded and smoothly painted. It has a enough space where facilities needed to make the parlour lively can be installed.

The three bedroom has its own toilet respectively. The toilets are well built and has all facilities needed to make it useable. It has a functional shower, wash hand basin, water closet and a water heater to help the occupant bath warm water during the cold weather.

The bedrooms are large and has well constructed wardrobes in them all where one can comfortably keep his or her personal items


These three bedroom flat is available for rent at an affordable price of Five Thousand naira only (#500k) Per Annum.

We are always ready to take an interested individual who wishes to rent the above apartment for an inspection.

Agent fee is highly negotiable.

If interested kindly drop a comment at the comment box below or place a call across to 0813 654 9371


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