Spacious 7 Bedroom Duplex for Sale

Spacious 7 Bedroom Duplex for Sale and located at Ogbogoro off Ozuoba Junction in Port Harcourt city of Rivers State.

The exact location where this spacious building is constructed is a 2 minutes drive from the above junction  and is sitting on two(2) plots of land

The spacious 7 bedroom duplex has 2 sitting rooms upstairs and as well two sitting rooms downstairs. The area enjoys steady electricity power supply and 24/7 security. Borehole has been bored in the compound and it has a neat water and the water is connected to every unit of the building

The four sitting rooms in the building are wide, spaced and well finished. Each of the sitting rooms both upstairs and downstairs has toilets  for convenience purposes

Each of the bedroom that is in these building are highly spaced, the windows are placed at well sighted points to enable daylights into the rooms and as well high inflow of air for ventilation. It also has well built wardrobes fixed to the wall with several openings and separations for keeping of clothing and foot wears. There is a door also which leads to the toilets(all the toilets are gorgeously titled at all angles ranging from floor to the wall, there are wash hand basin, wall mirror, water closet, shower, water heater and other certain facilities needed in the toilet. Whereas, the master bedroom and bathroom is larger in size and contains more facility compared to other rooms in the building).

There is a security house close to the gate which has been well finished with a spaced bedroom, kitchen and toilet and is been titled in all corners.

It has a special room constructed for plant(generator house) and is cited few miles away from the main house to help reduce noise generation by the plant.

The kitchen space in the building is highly fitted and so wide, it also has a space for store room. There are several cabinets which is tastefully constructed for keeping items and materials to be used while cooking. The sink, gas cooker and other facilities in the kitchen are all functional and in a sound and good working condition.

In these building the interior spaces such as the rooms, kitchen, sitting room and dinning area flow into one another without the interruption of walls but can be accessed through a door.

The kitchen as a door through which a veranda can be accessed, here is where the gas cylinder and certain things used in either cleaning the kitchen or for ensuring nice use can be kept. There is also a door through the kitchen can be accessed from the dinning, from this entrance point meals can be served.

There several columns in the building to help hold it so firm to the ground and they are all well caste. Lighter paint colors and finishes are used in the building for light reflection and to further enhance the effect of large, open and spacious rooms

Flowers and certain economic plants are planted at strategic places in the compound to add to its aesthetic view and beauty

The compound is well inter-locked and in serene environment. It is also so spacious as it has adequate space for parking lots and even for children’s playground during leisure. there is also section in the compound where clothes which as been laundered can be hung for sun drying with iron poles and robes already fixed.

The doors in each entrance point in the building are of high quality and has a camera view through which one can be viewed. Pitched roofing was used in this building and POP ceiling which adds to the beauty of its interiors.

Purpose of Sale: Owner wishes to relocate out of the state with his family because he has new appointment/contract and does not want to be far from his dear family.


#45m net worth

For inspection and more enquiry kindly leave a message below or you can contact 07064818968

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