Social Media App Facebook Lite Down and not working

Facebook which  is leading in the social media interaction in the world, Since its invention, billions of people around the continent have gotten used to visiting the platform daily for multiple reasons.

Facebook is typically known to offer multiple features that make it useful ranging from personal, sales and buying, business, interactive sessions and entertainment purposes, as well as the professional or student segments.

Example, Due to the benefit and feature of Facebook that allows its users to chat, carryout video and audio meetings and exchange files , users create private groups and pages with trending updates on work,business, school, entertainment, news and many more.

Nevertheless, for past years the platform has gained more and more features, which has added to the mobile app been heavier. And has contributed to the  complicated access of users whose mobile devices have limited hardware resources

So, because of the heaviness of the app Facebook Lite was launched by same company to serve as a lighter version of the app.

These Facebook Lite allows access to vast key features of the platform though it takes less space and requires less-powerful hardware in order for it to run smoothly.

Multiple reports trending in other social media platforms and the original Facebook today  has it that Facebook Lite users cannot access their accounts as they are receiving an error message that says ‘You’re using an unsupported version’ when opening the app.

Which is a clear indication that currently many Facebook Lite users are finding it difficult to access the platform as the app is not working/responding or probably down

So far, the officials of Facebook Lite are yet to give any genuine acknowledgment of what the issue seems to be and till now no one knows if they are already working on fixing the Lite app so that users can continue with their beloved social media app.

Below are currently responses been posted by Facebook Lite users and is trending on twitter

I think it has been hacked cause it requesting for an update and after checking for an update in the play store there is no official update but when you use the external link to update you are getting a file which is 2mb in size. Just avoid it for security reasons. By a sourced “The Ambitious”


According to another source; I’m Also wondering cause I’ve uninstalled, updated and still it needs an update.


Jeannin said, I downloaded the app then opened it kept turning off my phone tried for like 5 times ended up un unstalling it

Many Facebook Lite users have uninstalled there apps and move to Twitter and other social media platforms to continue with their various social activities and business

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