Set of Semi-detached and terrace duplex with bq has just been  listed in the market  and ios located at Orchid Lekki, Lagos State.

Set of Semi-detached and terrace duplex is new and fantabulously constructed and designed to give it’s owners a maximum and well satisfied taste.

The building materials used in this construction are all of high quality as can last for years without the building or any of its parts detoriating.

The building is located in a well remarkable and reputable estate in orchid Lekki.

The residence of that particular area where the estate  is enjoys steady supply of electricity light. Once there’s power out break it doesn’t take about 20 minutes and boom the light is back. There is also a hug standby laster that supply’s light especially when the electricity power supply is off.

Each of the duplex and terrace  is well demarcated from the other as one has the full right to have maximum use of his or her own duplex without be disturbed by a neighbor.

Each of the duplex and terrace comes with a security house where the security man can comfortably live. The security house has its own toilet and kitchen just as a self contained apartment.

The entire floor of the compound is neatly inter-locked and has massive space where cars can be parked and where one can carry out some excercises.

Each of the bedrooms in the duplex and terraces has its own toilet which was well built and furnished with modern toilet equipment.

The toilets has a functional shower, wash hand basin, water closet and water heater.

The wall and floor of the kitchen and bathroom is. Early tiled with an expensive and good looking titles.

The master bathroom has bath top a with a glass cage covering.

The kitchen is massive in size and has many well constructed cabinets where items can be safely kept.

There is an already installed washing machine in the kitchen space to help ensure good laundry.

The block is in the construction of the building is one which does not allow sound transfer, noises made in one apartment can not be heard by another which is enjoying the comfort of his or her home.

The building has a large dining space where dining tables can be set with extra space where fridge and air conditioner can be fixed.

The parlour space is as well large just like a football field.

The ceiling type used in the construction is plaster of Paris which help to bring out much beauty of the house with the help of gorgeous lights that was installed in it.

A neat wiring was also carried out during the construction of the building to avoid home accidents caused by running wires on the surface of the floor or walls.

The balcony area which is meant for relaxation was well mapped out and built.

There is a well designed wardrobes in each of the bedrooms where clothes and other personal belongings can be kept.


Set of Semi-detached and terrace duplex consisting of four bedroom asking price goes for the sum of  Seventy Million Naira (#70m) and Fifty Eight Million Naira (#58m) Respectively.

There are still empty duplex, so the general public who is interested and willing to own a well built and sweeting looking house are to hurry and payments while the there is still empty space

For more information on how to reach the developer or on how to own an apartment contact +2348070847312 or rather drop a comment in the box below.

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