Self-Contained in Rumuodara for Rent

Self-Contained in Rumuodara in a nice and secured estate and in a serene environment is ready for use.

The driving directions from rumuekini, Rumuosi to where the subject property is located at Rumuodara is just about 25mins following the fastest route without much traffic congestion.

From Rumuosi junction head northwest on rumuosi-ozuoba road towards East-west road/Rumuji-Mpakurche road pass by the pharmacy on the left.

Continue to follow East-West road pass by access closa agent in the left. Turn left on 600 meters and pass by Rio motors global on the left.

On the roundabout take the 2nd exit and stay in the East-west road then exit the roundabout continue to Rumuji-Mpakurche road and pass by access closa agent on the right hand side.

Still moving turn right onto rumuokeke street and make a U-turn still in the street, turn left onto East-West road pass by the church in the right

Turn right and pass by the gas station on the right hand hand side then turnĀ  right onto owhani street in 60 meters after which you turn left onto wokeah street and pass by God’s splendor missionary hospitals limited on the left

Then you are welcome to Rumuodara, port Harcourt, rivers state Nigeria.

There are so many other driving directions one can still follow and at the end will arrive at same place.

The self-contained in Rumuodara is located in a well built and known estate which enjoys 24/7 power supply and tared road network

It has space close to the window at the outside where one can plant a flower to help beautify his or her corner

There is a pavement in the front entrance to help the occupant easily enter into his or her Self-Contained apartment

POP ceiling is used in the construction of the building that helped make it so sweet and gorgeous to live in

The floor is titled while the toilet and kitchen is also tiled on the walls respectively.

The room is large enough that two persons can live together, itĀ  also has a wardrobe where they can keep their belongings

The inside of the building has already been painted as the occupant don’t have to disturb or waste money painting it again unless he or she so wishes to

The kitchen is big and has cabinets, sink with a running tap where dishes can be washed and food processing take place.

It has a back door that occupants can also follow to exit from the room in case of emergency

There are wall sockets in the building to facilitate usage which comprises of normally socket and electric cooker socket

There are several houses in the vicinity to show that the area is developed

Each building in this neighborhood is well fenced as they enjoy maximum privacy from one another



These particular unit of Self-Contained in the compound is still vacant and available to be rented

Interested person who wishes to occupy the building should do well to show concern while it lasts

Just leave a message in the comment box below and we shall reach out to you

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