Self-Contained in Corner Stone for Rent

Self-Contained in Corner Stone, in a well known and accessible area in  is available for rent, any interested individual should take a fast approach to claim occupation of this vacant unit.

These building is located close to Corner Stone Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

Diving direction from Choba park to Corner Stone area:

The fastest route from Choba park to Corner Stone due to traffic conditions is about 21 minutes (15km).

From Choba park head northwest on East-West road/Rumuji-Mpakurche road towards Rumuokoro-Rumu-Ahunwa road, pass by sage wears (on the right in 300m).

Make a U-turn, pass by Nel-Eag collections (on the right in 1.6km). Turn left onto East-West road/Rumuji-Mpakurche road, pass by Forte oil – choba (on the right in 600m).

At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on East-West road/Rumuji-Mpakurche road, pass by access close agen (on the right).

Turn right onto Okporo road, pass by pharmasurf pharmacy(on the left). Then you are at Cornerstone, Okporo road, Rumuogba, obia, off Ozuoba area in pPort Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

The compound is fenced with a gate. It also has a inter-locked road network.

The Self-Contained in Corner Stone area enjoys steady electricity power supply, also there is constant water supply in the building.

The entrance into the interior part of the building is protected with an iron burglary proof

There is 24/7 security within the area. Also there is a space within the compound where any interested occupant can comfortably carry out an agricultural activity such as growing of vegetables either for use or for sale.

The kitchen/toilet walls and floor is titled respectively with a good looking and attractive titles.

The bedroom is wide and has wardrobe well fixed to contain one’s clothings and other vital personal belongings.

The kitchen has constructed cabinets which has been fixed where one can keep cooking items. Also there is a medium sized sink which is functional and easy to use.

Each unit has a veranda where one can comfortably seat to receive fresh air

The plumbing works are neatly done and all the chambers that connects to the soak away pits and septic tank are well channelled to avoid blockage or restricted flow of fluids.

The windows comes with a net to avoid mosquito bit.

The building has been put into maximum use as all repairs and maintenance work has been carried out by the landlord to ensure that the tenants has a maximum comfort while staying in the building. Also the tenant should not sublet the premises to another without the consent or approval of the landlord.

The building is within a developed area and has several neighbors living in the street or surrounding.

The streets are well coordinated and security matters to everyone

The building is cited close to the road and market place.


Payment for the apartment is a total sum of Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand naira only per a year

#220k/per annum

There is maximum cooperation between the landlord and tenants living in the building.

For enquires and inspection kindly leave a message on the comment box below also attach your email address if you would love to receive a feedback through email.

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