Property for Sale in Egbelu off Ada-george road

Property for sale; 4 Benefits of been a landlord of yourself

There are many reasons why people prefer to live in a purchased house rather than engaging into the stress of erecting a new house

The high brow individuals who has made money no longer wait to build a home

Therefore, they engage house agents who helps them to find a house that suits there demand then they pay and move in

Most times it helps them to save cost  and to satisfy their immediate want of owing a house.

Moreover, buying an already built house can be more expensive to erecting a new one. For instance,

The location of a house influences it’s value. Developers due increase the value of a house inorder to make profit

The best time to own a house is now because the value of houses and land appreciates over time

A land or house suitated in this area (Egbelu) that is been sold at let’s 25milion,

Check out in the next three to six years to come it’s value will drastically skyrocket to a hug sum.

There are many benefits drivable from owing a property and been a landlord of yourself

One of which is peace of mind no one disturbs you about house rent.

You can freely go out and come back at any time without having to call neighbors to open gate for you

Also, you have the exclusive right to deciced who comes in and who goes out of your premises, and many more

Having said much about owing a house let’s dive into the features in this property that makes it worth purchasing


This tastefully finished 4 bedroom bungalow with modern facilities  sitting on one plot of land which is fenced and gated is available for sale

Location of a property is paramount in purchasing or renting a house:

Egbelu off Elioparanwa as well as off Ada-george road( this property can be easily assessed following any of the routes).

Property Features:

4 bedroom all en-suite with connecting doors leading to the bathroom. It also has well constructed wardrobes

Fully fitted kitchen

Inter-locked and serene environment

CCTV cameras and boys quarters

24/7 security and water supply

Living room and dinning space. The staircase is located in the parlour

Two balconies which is protected using glass balustrades

Extra features:

Plaster of Paris (POP) ceiling and led lights

Water heater in all the toilets together with a functional wash hand basin, water closet, glass enclosed shower area and a bath tub in the master’s bathroom

Increte floor, 5 wall frames and 4 flower pots

This property for sale comes with Complete kitchen cabinet, washing machine, microwave, electric cooker and oven sockets

A relaxation areana where occupants can seat out to have good and fun times

Imported turkey chairs and London bed

5 Air conditioners and DStv

Sound proof generator which has an enclosed housing

Over 15 pieces of wall curtain with hangs and pol

Price: 45m

The chairs and tables in the living room and dinning are all imported from Turkey, inclusive of each of the bed frames in the bedrooms

After all purchase obligations has been met the buyer will be handed over the documents of purchase

Meanwhile, the title existing in the purchase of the property is the Deed of Conveyance which shall be duly signed and stamped.

Payments can be made once or the buyer can make a 50% first payment and then pay off the remaining within 2-4 months interval


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