Plots of Land For Sale in Orchid Lekki

Plots of Land For Sale, Investors and real Estate developers in need of an empty plots of  land and who wishes to build massive blocks of semi-detached or fully detached duplexes or terrace apartments, this lands available is for you

This already cleared plots of land is located in Orchid Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

Landmark to the Area Includes:

1. Orchid Hotel Limited

2. Megaone Cinema

3.Chevron Co-operative and

4. Victoria Crest 4 Estate

The land consists of empty six plots of land which has been sandfilled.

Each plot measures 600sqm, it has been sandfilled and is ready for buy and build purpose.

Orchid, Lekki is a prime and top developed area

Certificate of Occupancy is the legal title to be given for the purchase of any plot.

This land comes with a 3-6 months payment plan with an initial deposit of 30%.

The #60m value is inclusive of the documentation and development fee.

The buyer does not have to stress him or herself with paying for develop fee as it has been settled.

The area enjoys steady power supply.

The road network within the environment where the land is cited is well tared.

The topography of the land is very nice for building.

Digging of borehole in the land will not cost much as the land is arable and water can easily be reached.

There is an existing neighborhood in the area as it has developed. The area is secured and peaceful.

Land covering where the six plots of land is cited is really massive and well positioned

This Plots of Land For Sale are practically one that developers won’t love to miss out in acquiring it for investment purposes.

One can purchase and keep it with the intention of re-selling in the nearest future.

The price of land and buildings appreciates from year to year.

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