One Bedroom Self-Contained in Rukpokwu

One Bedroom Self-Contained in Rukpokwu which is few minutes drive from Rumuokoro Junction is available for rent.

The property is located in a very safe and secured environment and the people living there are friendly to each other.

The property is laying in a full one plot of land and there are neighborhoods within

It is built in about few minutes distance from the road and the drive from Rumuokoro Junction is not more than 15 minutes

It is somewhat trekkable from big treat supermarket in Rukpokwu. The landlord of the property is friendly and does not live in it

The property has been well built and in conducive environment to ensure that the occupants has maximum use of it

It is also expected of the occupants to put the use of each of the units to a comfortable and good one

No of the occupants is expected to sublet or use their units for any other use expect as a residence

Also tenants are not expected to live more than three in a room to avoid it from wear and tear

The roofing sheets used in the building are of high quality, also POP was used for the ceiling.

The area enjoys steady power supply. The building has two balconies one in the front and the other at the kitchen side.

The stairs are well and standardly done with hand rails to ease movement.

Also the stairs windows where taughtfully positioned to allow ventilation and daylights.

The compound is water inter-locked and there is steady water supply to all units in the building

There are two toilets in each unit which are titled on both the walls and floor

The main toilet has a water heater, shower and other facilities. Each room is spacious and  has a wardrobe.

The One Bedroom Self-Contained in Rukpokwu has sitting room and a dinning space in each.

The kitchen is titled on both walls and floor and has cabinets and a functional sink and tap.

Price:  #400k

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