New five bedroom semi-detached duplex, An eye looking and smoothly constructed property with a bq is available for sale

This property is located in Ajah Lekki, Lagos State which happens to one of the most developed areas with well furnished and sophisticated buildings

It has all needed facilities to make a home comfortable and every unit in this property is sizeably constructed

These property was wonderfully constructed to enable those seeking for a decent house space to have their dream home come true.

This building is massively constructed in a manner whereby each flat has its own parking space and accessable point to the interior entrance of the building.

All the toilets facilities, the shower, wash hand basin, water heater and water closet are all in good working condition and functioning.

This property is available for purchase and also one can buy many units for the purpose of shortlet inorder to increase his or her earnings.

The compound has enough space for parking and for other activities to be carried out.

The property is in a serene environment and has a good tared road network

The building comes with a well designed balcony for relaxation purposes. It also has an installed in-built speakers for entertainment

There is maximum security in the area where the building is built.

The new five bedroom semi-detached duplex has an en-suite bedroom that is spacious and has sweet looking wardrobes


The roofing sheets used in the construction is of high quality and a great finishing was done in the building

POP ceiling technique was used which made the interiors look great with also a LED lights used

There is 24/7 power supply and water supply in the building.

There is a water treatment tank put in place to help purify the water for use

The kitchen is fully fitted with cabinets well constructed, the walls and floor is titled respectively and is well space

There are sockets in the kitchen for electric cooker and other usage. A gas cooker also has been fixed and a center table for preparing dishes.

Conduit wiring is used in the building to avoid wires from running on the surface of the wall or floor

Electric sockets are well place at strategic places for use.

There are four toilets in each room and is well spaced plus an additional on in the sitting room  for visitors

They are all titled on both floor and walls. The master bedroom has a Jacuzzi bath area, a water heater and other facilities.

The soak away pits and septic tanks are deeply constructed to last for ages, also the chambers are all well channelled

The sitting room is well spacious and can be assessed from the entrance door, the stairs can also be assessed through here. It also has a dinning space

The entire floor of the building is neatly titled wit good looking and expensive titles

Each apartment is built in a way for everyone to have a maximum and comfortable use of his or her’s, It is well demarcated with a dwarf fence

There are many units available in this property as the public is devised to take this golden opportunity while it last

Lands and buildings bought here now will certainly cost 3 times it’s worth in years to come


The price for which the above mentioned building is selling is the sum of Hundred and Five Million Naira only


Interested buyers are to place their orders by leaving a message in the comment suggestion below

Payments can be made thrice or depending on concrete agreement between the buyer and developer

We are ready at any given time to take our amiable buyer to the property for inspection

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