Many dead and displaced in the Recent Northern flooding in Nigeria

Many dead and displaced in the recent Northern  State flooding in Nigeria.

According to Cable news network today at least fifty people have died and “many” displaced once recent torrential rains caused flooding in northern country, Sani Yusuf, helper of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) for Jigawa State same“When you go around [Jigawa State], we have a tendency to lost regarding fifty people to the flood,” Yusuf told reporters on camera Sunday from town of Dutse, that was broadcast by native media.

Yusuf said that a minimum of 237 homes had been broken at intervals the realm of Balangu alone, forcing people into temporary camps. Eleven temporary camps unit started for those displaced, he said.

That the federal ministry ought to distribute relief materials to families of the affected by the flooding incident.

“These incident is extremely touching and as a results it’s changing into perennial.

typically|this will be} usually inflicting serious hurt to varsities, houses, then the sustenance of the fogeys,” Farouq told reporters on camera.

Moreso, it’s preponderating to notice that Africa’s most thickly settled town is battling with a severe issue of flooding and rising seas. It’s planning to shortly be unlivable , consultants warn

Farouq same Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to activate National Emergency Management Agency to provide the required support to those choked with the floods.

The floods return once days of severe thunderstorms that have prompted flash flooding warnings from the Nigerian meteoric Agency.

Many parts of Jigawa unit in peril of flooding once rainstorms. Earlier in August, around seven people died and dozens of buildings were destroyed following flooding from vital rains in seven districts at intervals the northeastern Nigerian state.

Last year, quite hundred twenty families were displaced at intervals the state’s Guri district once their homes were submerged by floods once a awfully vital torrent.

‘So far No fast solution’

Water resources minister, Suleiman Adamu, unit is in addition from Jigawa told native media a mixture of years past there aren’t any fast solutions to the state’s flooding recoil, and not even funding would possibly curb it.

“Desilting a stream will sometimes function as an answer to flooding though not everlasting, it is a transient resolution, it normally takes an associate and honest deal of cash to resolve the difficulty of flooding and rising seas.

If all the budgets of the federal and Jigawa State unit combined to desilt stream Hadejia, we have a tendency to tend to cannot return through it,” Adamu same, adding that:

“There do not appear to be any short lives to prevent flooding however we have a tendency to tend to square live able to mitigate and do early warning.”

Let’s hear your view on what measures you think the government can adopt in order to prevent flooding Nigeria

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