Luxury Apartment in Coveted Estate

Luxury Apartment in Coveted Estate in Victoria Island consisting of sets of 2 bedroom is available for both short let, rentals and for sale

These property is best and perfect for short let and rental purposes.

A property or apartment is said to be available for short let  if it has been fully furnished and is renting for a short period of time maybe for a week or few months.

Below are the features in these spacious luxury apartment in coveted estate in Victoria Island Lekki consisting of several 2 bedrooms:

En-suite rooms

Fully fitted kitchen

Boy’s quarters


Swimming pool

Standard bathroom



Green area


Spacious compound and supporting columns

Awesome views

24/7 power supply

24/7 security and water supply

Governor’s consent  is the title ascertainable for the purchase

Outlined below are reasons why short let apartments are considered necessary and relevant to the society, they include:

  1. Profit maximization for owners and tenants: Well doing individuals in the society go on vacations for an extended period leaving their properties empty or vacant. These vacant apartments remain unused by its owners thereby yielding no added value to them. Assuming the property owners  decides to rent out the vacant properties for few weeks or months, this would help them make an extra income. Also, it is preferable for a tenant to rent an apartment for few weeks or months which has all the comfort of a ho,e rather than spending a whole sum of money in a hotel room with only fridge and few convenience provided
  2. For flexible business travel: short let apartments are the best to live in when embarking on a short business trip or for leisure
  3. It is advisable to rent out your property when you are relocating or living the comfort of your home for an undefined duration in order to earn an extra income
  4. Less wear and tear: Short let properties hardly experience wear and tear because the property has already been decorated and its furniture’s arranged so the lodgers or guest do not have to redecorate or carry out certain activities that will cause the building parts to wear off.
  5. Tax breaks and deductions: Short let or rental property owners are highly entitled to certain tax breaks and deductible property expenses due to the fact that the property is being subjected to a short term.
  6. Peace of mind: letting your apartment to a known person when you are away for a short while is preferably good than leaving it vacant without having a rest of the happenings within the vicinity.
  7. It is cheaper compared to a hotel accommodation

Most times homeowners delight in a short-term rental or lets strategy because of its income potential, marketing automation tax benefits and overall flexibility. It requires less commitment compared to a long term lease and tenancy.

These luxury apartment in a coveted estate consisting of 2 bedroom best suits the purpose of short let or rentals.

The building is well supported with heavy cast columns at certain corners. Its rooms are highly spacious and has a large space in the compound where different fleet of cars can be parked by guests of current home owners.


#120m per a unit

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