INEC Accreditation Processes

What are the INEC Accreditation Procedures

Duties of the Presiding Officers (POs) during election day:

  • They shall allow voters into the polling unit in an orderly queue.
  • Where culture disallows men and women mingling on a queue, they shall create separate queues for men and women.
  • They are to introduce polling agents and poll officials present, including the Asst. Presiding Officer (APO)
  • They shall request the voter to present his/her PVC in a respecful manner,
  • They are in charge of reading the PVC of voters using the Card Reader,
  • It is their duty to request voters to place the appropriate finger on the Card Reader for authentication.

Duties of the Assistant Presiding Officer (APOs)

  • After  being authenticated, the voter will present himself/herself to APO II who will request for his/her PVC,
  • He/She shall check the Register of Voters for the records of the voter,
  • He/She mus tick as appropriate on the Register and apply indelible ink on the specified finger of voter’s left hand, and
  • They shall issue voters an accreditation tag

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