Recently released in the property market is this wonderfully built four bedroom semi-detached duplex with a bq situated in a motorable and eye viewing site. This property is tastefully constructed with original building materials which will definitely last for long number of years.

These amiable property is located at Orchid Lekki, Lagos State.

Each of the phases is demarcated with a fence to ensure that one makes maximum and effective use of his or her property without disturbance.

The entire property is neatly fenced and a gate mounted to help regulate the inward and outward movements of people and cars.

There is a security house which is also well and comfortably constructed.

The environment enjoys peace and there is no noise.

There is always steady electricity power supply within the estate which helps to eliminate the noise caused by generators.

The estate enjoys steady supply of water

The entire compound of the estate is well inter-locked.

There is space within the compound where one can comfortably park his or her cars.

There are security lights installed in the building to help illuminate the building even at dark hours.

The exterior of the building is good looking but the interior is so awesome

There is a well constructed and mapped out balcony in the building where one can stay to view the happenings within the compound and also at same time have good time receiving g fresh air

The interior of the building is well beautified and also the plaster of Paris type of ceiling that is used in the building construction contributes more beauty to it.

There few vacant phases in the building awaiting to be occupied.

The sitting room is well designed and has enough space. There is dinning space and also a visitor’s convenience room within the sitting room area.

The kitchen space in the building is  large and comes  with a store. There are cabinets already constructed and properly fixed in the kitchen to assist or help in keeping items used in the kitchen. It has a big sized sink. The gas cooker, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and other equipments spaces has already been well partitioned. Lights has also been properly fixed to help illuminate the kitchen during dark hours if there be need for one to cook.

The bedrooms are large  and has enough space.

The doors are of high quality and are all neatly fixed.

The windows also are of high quality and has window nets to help regulate and stop mosquitos from penetrating into the building.

The entire floor of all the interior of the building is neatly and gorgeously titled

The toilets and kitchen are titled on both the walls and floors respectively.

There are a well constructed and designed wardrobes in each to the bedrooms where one can keep his personal belongings.

The kitchen, parlour, dining and a bedroom is located at the down stairs while the other three bedrooms inclusive of the master bedroom is located upstairs.


The already detailed property is available for purchase at the value of Sixty Eight Million Naira only (#68m). Also any unit of the four bedroom semi-detached duplex can as well be rented for the sum of Four Million Naira only (#4m) Per Annum.

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