Serviced Two Bedroom in Lekki County Homes: A well built and designed two-bedroom apartment is ready and available to be occupied.

It can be occupied by a  businessman or family but not a family consisting of more than Twenty persons in the unit in order not to put the property or house in a quick deteriorating manner or in a bad condition.

An apartment that harbors much persons in one unit is prone to suffer from fast aging or worn out than an apartment occupied by one or two person’s in a unit.

The occupant or tenant has no right to re-let the apartment he/she occupies in the property to another without the consent of the landlord and it must be dully signed and agreed on by both parties.

The property is built in a manner to ensure that the occupants makes maximum use of it and also have maximum comfort in it and the environment at large.

There is maximum cooperation between the tenants and landlord even though the landlord does not live in the property. The building is also located in a noise free area and there is market close to where the building is located.

The building is positioned at Lekki country homes, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The building was erected with quality building materials and is smoothly rendered and painted which makes it to be highly admired by many.

The Bedrooms are wide and has wardrobes already constructed to enable one safely keep his or her clothes and other belongings. It has been fully furnished

Serviced Two Bedroom in Lekki is enclosed with a fence to ensure security of the occupants.
There is Electricity in the area which is a 24 hours steady one.

It has a running water with the help of a dugged borehole in the compound which supplies water to all the units always.

The floor is titled and the window is made of sliding Louvre’s. There are in-built speakers mounted in the interior part

The kitchen sink is functioning properly.
It has balconies for relaxation and seat outs.

There is water heater in the toilet which has been properly treated, the shower is sound, the wash hand basin and water closet is working properly.

The ceiling is made of plaster of Paris(POP) and the sitting room is very large in size

It has several cabinets where food items and other important items can be kept safely. There is a washing machine for laundry purposes.

The kitchen door is made of the best door interior and the kitchen also has cabinets where some kitchens items and food stuffs can be kept.

The entire compound is highly inter-locked and it has enough space where cars can be parked. The building is suitable for Air bnb

In the Serviced Two Bedroom in Lekki, occupants or purchaser don’t have to worry much on what to buy and fix in the building as most things needed for comfort in a home has been made available.

It is a great thing to invest in a real estate and to buy a building because of it’s immobility nature. The above property is in high demand because of its location and uniqueness.

The area where it is located makes it highly desirable and creates high demand. The building comes with Governors consent.


The building is rented at a considerable price of forty five million (#45,000,000) naira only.

For more information on how to rent or locate the building, kindly contact 08070847312

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