A gorgeously, well built and fully serviced three(3) bedroom apartment in a good location is completed and ready for acquisition.

These great and well looking apartment is located at Oral Estate Lekki, Lagos State.

There is enough parking lounge where occupants in any of the apartments can comfortably park his or her cars with ease

The entire floor in the compound is well and neatly inter-locked.

The building is standing firmly on strong and well constructed columns which supports it.

There are well constructed balconies where occupants of each apartment can comfortably seat to receive fresh air and equally view the external happenings within the compound of the estate.

There is a shop within the estate where one can buy certain things needed in the house.

The building is close to market and other places of human activities.

The building comes with a legal backing which helps to ensure the originality and authenticity of the property which is the Governor’s Consent.

It is located in a well known area, where there is no noise.

The entire vincinty of the area where these particular property is located enjoys satisfactory electricity power supply which makes it a real home to be.

There is constant water supply within the estate where these property is built.

There is a security house and security men employed to help secure activities within the estate both in the day and night hours.

The property is neatly and well built with modern building materials.

The rooms, parlour and kitchen is big.

All necessary items and equipment needed to make the apartment liveable has already been installed and fixed.

All one needs to park into the apartment with is just personal belongings like clothes etc.

One can make massive investment in the property by buying many units in the apartment and then relet it on shortlets to individuals who does not have much income to own a home yet either on yearly or monthly basis of rent payment.

The roof members are all of modern type and also the ceiling is made of plaster of Paris with installed lights to help add beauty to the interiors of the apartment.


These fully serviced three (3) bedroom apartment is ready to sell off for the sum of Forty Seven Million Naira only (#47m).

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