Fully Serviced 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex

Fully Serviced 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex with boys quarters located at Chevron 2ñd toll gate Lekki pennisula, Lagos State Nigeria

These gorgeously built and well finished duplex is ready for immediate sale to any interested individual

Many who has been seeking for a decent and cool Semi-detached duplex to live in with their families

This particular property has perfect answer and solution to the question. It is fully finished in all ramifications awaiting for occupation.

The property is massive with a very large compound that can serve as an entertainment ground for actives like meetings, reception and so on.

The apartments are separated with the help of a wall from each other. The entrance point into each apartment is separate

There is a specific parking space for each occupant to comfortably park his or her car in the compound without having to disturb another

Conduit wiring is engaged in this building to ensure smooth finishes and avoid cables from running on the surface.

The fluid chambers are well connected and intersected to ensure easy and free flow.

Also, the liquid and fluids are well separated into the septic tank and soak away pits respectively

The compound of the building is well covered with a good looking inter-locked road network and lays in a serene environment.

There is a fence with a gate which helped or is used to demarcate the property from others for easy identification and access.

On entrance into the interior of the building it is well beautified with fabulous titles which is laid on all the floors

The property comes with Five toilets, each in the four bedrooms and one in the sitting room for visitors convenience

Each of the toilets are well titled on the floor and walls respectively and is gorgeously equipped with fantabulous toilet facilities and furniture’s.

The master bedroom toilet comes with a jacuzzi bath tub which can be alternatively used if the property owner wishes to waste much time in bathing without having to use the shower

The sitting room is massive and well finished to accommodate furniture’s and fittens, the toilet door for visitors restroom can be be accessed and also the staircase to upstairs

The property comes with two balconies in each phase where one can comfortably relax and have a view of the environment.

POP is used in ceiling the entire interior of the building and also LED lights were fixed to the POP to help make it colourful and sweet to look

The estate where these gorgeously looking fully serviced 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex is located enjoys 24/7 power supply and security

Also, there is constant water supply to all units, the water is well treated with the help of a water treatment plant before been supplied inorder to avert the conditions caused by dirty water reactions to the body.

The first bedroom upstairs can be assessed immediately after the staircase by the right

They are all spacious and has well designed and constructed wardrobes. The windows are positioned to allow daylights into it and air in and out flow.

There is also a space in the building for drying of laundrd clothings

There is a security post in the property and CCTV cameras to help take record of happenings in the environment both inside and outside

The property is a dream come true to many who wants decent fully serviced 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex with boys quarters and other needed chattels.

Governor’s consent is the backing to ownership of these property.



For inspection kindly leave a message in the provided space below

Inspection of the property is totally free of charge, we deliver clean and new houses which has no atom of wear and tear to our dear esteemed visitors.

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