An eye viewing and magnificent and gorgeously built four bedroom semi-detached apartment with a balcony is available for sale and is located at Chevron Lekki, Lagos State.

Are you staying in Lagos State or relocating to Lagos State and in need of a decent apartment to let for relaxation and maximum comfort then we gat you fully covered. This four bedroom semi-detached duplex is neatly built and has all which a house ought to get for maximum comfort.

It is also positioned at a motorable and peaceful area with no noise and zero disturbance.

The entire compound is neatly and we’ll designed to give a great view to the property. It also has a balcony where the occupants can stay to relax or even organise a meeting.

The balcony is covered with a tighted glass to ensure indoor safety whereby the owner or anyone seated at the balcony arena can easily see any visitor who comes into the compound but won’t be seen. The wall of the property is neatly screeded and painted.

The building is located in an area where there is steady supply of electricity.

There is borehole already dug in the building to supply to ensure 24 hours supply of water to all units in the building.

The building is protected with a fence and each unit is demarcated with a wall to ensure satisfactory comfort of the occupants.

The wiring of the building is neatly done to avoid wires running on the floor or wall of the building.

A carpet grass is used to add beauty to the entire compound as it is also inter-locked.

There is a parking lot and an over head car park cover to protect the cars parked from unexpected hazards.

The kitchen is large in size and has a washing machine installed. It also has several kitchen cabinets for keeping important items. There is also a 24 inches television mounted in the kitchen which will help the person doing house chores to make it enjoyable while carry out his or her duties in the kitchen. There is also an already installed oven and electric cooker for baking.

The building has space where a security man can stay while he secures or monitors the inward or outward movements from the building.

Each rooms that makes up the four bedroom semi-detached duplex has a water heater mounted while the master room has a bath top.

The ceiling of the house is designed using plaster of Paris (pop) which helps to add beauty and aesthetic view to the building.


The asking price for the house is going for Five Million Naira only (#5m). And acquisition of the above detailed apartment goes for first pay has it.

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