Four bedroom semi-detached in Lagos State: A neatly and beautified four bedroom semi-detached duplex apartment is ready for immediate grab and acquisition. It is located at Chevron 2nd toll gate Lekki, Lagos State.

This four bedroom apartment was built based on the great taste of the developer to give the public the best and latest conducive housing.

It’s aesthetic designs and views makes it so attractive that it could even make the poor and handicapped to steal from either the bank or the rich in the society just to have such house.

It is actually a dream come true to many individuals who has been dreaming and planning on how to actualize their dream in becoming a house owner.

This building was constructed with a highly trusted building materials of which foreign woods and other foreign building materials are inclusive.

This building was just currently listed in the market for interested buyers to see and make steps on purchasing it.

The building will be sold to any serious individual who is willing and ready to buy.

It has four sizeable bedrooms and the roof is made of the plaster of Paris (PoP) which helps to add beauty to the interior part of the building.

The entire floors are been titled while the toilet and bathroom are been titled on both the floor and wall respectively.

It has a shower which is functionally sound, also it has a wash hand basin, water closet and a water heater which is installed in the bathroom in case of a cold weather one don’t need to go boil water using the electric stove or cooker.

The lights are all made of energy bulbs as they do not consume electric currents.

The property is beautifully constructed in a well known and remarkable Estate in Chevron are of Lekki

The windows are doors are taught fully positioned in an area or space to allow airflow both in and out of the apartment.

The building has an external extension at the upper floor area which isĀ  enclosed up to a height of about three feet(one meter) by a solid or pierced seen, by balusters. This is also known as the balcony.

The main purpose why this balcony is needed in a building is to enlarge the living space and enhance the life quality for the residents or occupants of that apartment or house.

The balcony also serves as an outdoor room, granting access to fresh air and views within the compound or environment.

The four bedroom semi-detachedĀ in Lagos State has the parlor, kitchen and dining on the down floor with also one bedroom situated at the down floor while the master bedroom and two other bedroom are situated at the upper floor area.

The master bedroom is sizable wide compared to other rooms and it has a glass bath area and other facilities which distinguishes it from the rest of the rooms.

It is fenced and there’s maximum security in the area. The compound has enough space where cars can be parked and activities can also be carried out.

There’s is constant supply of electricity in the area and also constant supply of water to all units in the building.


The building is selling at a standard and affordable price of Seventy Five Million Naira only (#75m). Payment can be made twice, once or depending on the agreement between the buyer and developer.

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