Quadroom Duplex Terraced In Ikate Lekki

Four bedroom duplex well terraced in Ikate Lekki pennisula Lagos State is been  completed

It is built in a serene environment and is fully furnished and serviced.

An apartment is said to be furnished when certain things needed to live in it has been fixed

In this property the couch, bed and bedframes, dinning table and chairs, and other basic kitchen appliances, etc has been put in place.

When we say this property is fully furnished, we mean that everything one needs to live comfortably has been taken care of

The interested buyer can wake up one morning and decide to move into the building without stressing to stores to purchase items.

The building is neatly finished it has been screeded and painted.

The doors, floor finishes installed,windows,ceiling, plumbing and electrical fixtures is been fixed.

One of the advantages of a fully furnished apartment is that one don’t have to worry about extra upfront costs in setting up the apartment.

It is also perfect for short term rentals since one won’t live their forever

It also reduces stress and saves time, moving into a new apartment is always very stressful and time consuming.

Two main demerit of moving into an already furnished apartment is that

Rent is very expensive, the price of an unfurnished apartment cannot be compared with the furnished

Always take a market analysis and check your pocket well before going for a furnished apartment

You will be so careful to avoid damages of any furnished item, because any one you spoil most be replaced before one moves out of the apartment

Families with little and growing kids living in a fully furnished apartment is likely to pay for furniture and certain damages caused by the kids maybe accidentally

Therefore, before one has to move into any fully furnished apartment bear certain things in mind like

Can I afford to take care of the furniture’s already existing, can your pocket carry you, the furniture’s are they to your taste.

When you might have finish asking yourself this questions and more and you are convinced then you are good to go.

Having analysed all the pros and cons. Fully furnished apartment still remains the best to live for short term rentals because one don’t have to think of extra cost to carry belongings around at the termination of rent

These fully furnished and serviced four bedroom terrace duplex in Ikate Elegushi Lekki, Lagos State is available for sale not rent

This simple means that anyone who pays for any unit in the house is fully in charge and owns whatever is in the apartment he or she has paid for

Property Description:

The compound is well inter-locked

It enjoys 24/7 power supply and security

There is steady supply of water to all apartments in the property.

It has a fully fitted kitchen which is spacious, has a washing machine, microwave, gas cooker, constructed cabinets, basic kitchen appliances, etc

The floor and walls are titled, there are electric sockets for electric cooker and other uses.

The property is well covered with a fence which adds to its uniqueness and is also protect with a gate

The Four Bedroom Duplex Terraced has a space for gaming activities. This session is for snuker game for relaxation

This session of game is within the building and a specific room session with an air conditioner, a bar, a television set, a couch and many more to make life worthy living

The entire building is covered with a POP ceiling and a LED lights to make it colorful.

The roofing sheet used in the building is of standard and high quality content.

The sitting room is well spaced and furnished with couches, a television set, air conditioner and a sophisticated finishing.

It is neatly titled and has a visitor’s convenience room which has been well titled on both floor and walls and equipped with modern toilet facilities

There is also a dinning space close to the sitting room which has been as well furnished with a dinning table and chairs, has a air conditioner and many more

There is rooms where employed workers or visitors can live in. It also has a walk-in closet

There are installed in-built speakers all around the building for entertainment purposes and also a CCTV cameras mounted at strategic positions to help monitor activities within and outside the building.

Each apartment has its own parking space and has two balconies where one can comfortably seat out to have good and relaxing times, having a view of the environment

It has en-suite bedrooms that is well spaced, the windows are placed in corners to allow ventilation and daylights

It also has several wardrobes constructed for keeping of personal belongings. It also has an air conditioner,a reading lamp, a side drawer. Intact the rooms are so gorgeously looking and habitable.

Each of the bedrooms has a toilet which has a separate door inorder to be assessed

There’s already gorgeously equipped and good looking facilities in the restrooms

It has a Jacuzzi bath-tub area, a good looking  and well constructed washing basin, a mirror, a glass shower area in case one wishes to use shower and many more

The building has many good looking artworks placed at strategic points for aesthetic views

The windows and doors are well positioned to help ensure ventilation into the building and for day lighting

There are carpet grasses planted in the Four Bedroom Duplex Terraced to help enhance the aesthetic view of the property.

When one has completed all necessary documents and payments pertaining to purchase the apartment

He or she shall be handed the original documents  of the apartment (s) paid for showing he or she is henceforth the rightful owner

This property is also good for shortlet purposes inorder to increase earnings as  Real Estate Investor are advised to purchase more than one apartment in this property


The above detail fully furnished and serviced four bedroom terrace duplex in Ikate Elegushi Lekki goes for the sum of One hundred and Twenty Million naira only


For inspection, kindly leave a message in the comment box below or contact 08070847312 or 07012856907

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