A selling four bedroom detached duplex with bq that is built and located in a good looking site is available for sale at an affordable price.

The property is located at  Chevron 2nd toll gate, Lagos State.

There entire compound of the building is well inter-locked and is done in a manner to ensure that there is no poll of water after rainfall.

The property is situated in an area where there is steady supply of electricity.

There is an already dugged borehole in the building to help distribute water to all units, thereby making the building to enjoy constant water supply.

The property is standing on a plot of land

There is enough space in the compound for parking lots of even can be used as s play ground.

The construction materials used are all made of modern type.

The facilities used are all original and new.

The room spaces are large in size. Each of the rooms has a toilet of its own and all facilities needed in the toilets are already fixed.

There are other building within the neighborhood.

The building is within the road and too far from the market

The kitchen is large with several cabinets already fixed, there is also washing machine already installed in the kitchen plus other equipments to make it habitable.

The property is situated in an area where there is no noise and the environment is so conducive.

There is a legal backing covering purchase of these property and this is the Governor’s Consent.


The value of these awesomely built four bedroom detached duplex with bq is the sum of Eighty Five Million Naira only (#85m).

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