This new and tasteful property consisting of four bedroom apartment is ready for acquisition.

Are you asking yourself questions of good and playable house to buy then this apartment is the answer to your long awaited questions and search for a decent home.

The property is cited at Orchid gate, Lekki.

the building is constructed beautifully with all necessary building components in place.

It is built with quality building materials that will make it last for a countless number of years without experiencing wear and tear.

There is a steady light within the estate, the window and the door is well positioned to ensure maximum air inlet.

The entire floor of each unit in the property is titled with the toilet and the kitchen respectively.

There is a mounted over head tank which supplies water to the buildings.

The soak away pit and the septic tanks is well rugged and it will take very long time for it to be serviced.

The house is built in such a manner or style to ensure that the occupants enjoys and makes good use of the building and there is a parking lot.

The building is well fenced in order to ensure maximum safety of the occupants.

It has a wardrobe for keeping if clothes in the room and a kitchen cabinet for keeping food items in the kitchen used for cooking. Each unit has its one gate for purpose of maximum privacy and comfort.

The floor of the building is well interlocked and is made in a way for water to run off after rainfall in order to avoid pull of water the compound.

The house is cited in an area which is motorable and close to market, a nice and different attractive colours are used in painting each unit in case of colour taste.

Each unit of the four bedroom apartment is rented for the sum of fifty five million naira only (#55,000,000).

Immediately after payment has been fully made all documents shall be issued to the purchaser. Also, a legal right of occupation shall as well be bestowed to him or her. The property is built on the legal right known as the Governors consent of acquisition.

For more enquires on how to rent a unit or more in the above apartment contact us on +2348070847312

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