A magnificently and taught fully constructed 5_bedroom detached duplex is ready and awaiting a willing buyer. It is well positioned and located at Chevron 2nd toll gate Lekki, Lagos State.

The building is carefully built and the builders did a great job by following the architectural design which was drawn by a well known and reputable architect.

Also the other building members such as the builder, site engineers, quantity surveyors, land surveyor, Estate Surveyor and so on did a wonderful job in seeing that this superb property is well and neatly built.

The building is secured with a fence which is raised to an acceptable height and standard.

The entire floor of the compound is neatly inter-locked and it has a parking space with a car cover to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

It is lying on a full plot of land. And is built in a developed area. The entire neighborhood within the vicinity where this property is constructed is well developed and there is tared road network to ensure easy access to and fro into the environment.

The building materials used in this construction are all made of foreign and standard types with also local contents.

The roof is of modern roofing sheets and the ceiling is designed using the plaster of Paris(pop) type of ceiling which added more beauty to the interior of the building with also a fancy and colourful LED lights well installed in it which added more to its beauty.

Original and good looking LED lights which are expensive are the type of bulbs used in the building, they are all consuming lesser light voltage compared to the red lights.

The building comes with a five bedroom, a dining space, a sitting room, a toilet, a store room and a balcony.

The kitchen, sitting room, dinning space and a bedroom is suited on the downstairs while the upstairs contains the remaining four bedrooms, also there are two balconies one at the front yard while the other is positioned at the back yard of the building.

The kitchen is highly sizeable and has an already constructed several cabinets for keeping of items. It also has an already installed washing machine for laundry purposes. The sink is also big in size,it has a water heater which is mounted at the top.

A microwave has been already fixed.It has a cuting table where one can use comfortably to carry out cooking.It also has an inbuilt speaker.

The dining space is large enough together with the sitting room.

It has a visitor’s bathroom in the sitting room where visitors can comfortably ease themselves when the case arises. The toilet is fixed with modern facilities to ensure comfortable usage by visitor’s.

The bedrooms are sizeably wide and contains several wardrobes where one can keep his or her personal belongings with a slight size difference in size in the master’s bedroom.

Each of the toilets has a water closet, wash hand basin, Shower, a water heater and a glass jacuzzi bathtub whereas the master’s bathroom comes with a modernized jacuzzi shower area.

The walls and floor is beautifully titled with an expensive titles respectively

The building has a space at the backyard of the compound where washed clothes can be hung for sun drying.

The building comes with a balcony where one can seat when he or she needs to enjoy fresh air and as well view the happenings within the compound and even the environment at large.

The area where theĀ  building located is known to enjoy 24/7 electricity power supply and security.

The building has enough space in the compound where one can use for sports activities. The compound is highly spacious and has a family lounge

There is constant supply of water to all units within the building, the waters been supplied are carefully treated to ensure is colourless and odourless state to avoid reactions and so on as the case maybe.

There is a security house close to the gate where the security man can enjoy for his comfort and it has bathroom and kitchen inside.

There is boys quarters session within the compound premises where workers or visitors can stay or live while exercising their respective duties.

Each of the rooms that makes up the boys has an equppied kitchen and toilets which has been fixed also with modern toilet facilities.

It’s fencing makes it unique and distinguishes it from other houses within the vicinity where it is built

The upstairs of the building has a wide walk-way which is used in assessing the rooms.

The stairs are well inclined at a standard height. Also the windows to the stairs are well positioned in a manner to ensure illumination of lights into it even at dark hours.

The plumbing works are neatly done, also the soak away pits and septic tanks are well separated to carry out its works respectively.

The chambers from each unit is well channelled to avoid blockage or restricted passage of fluids.

It has an exit door in case of emergency. There is mounted CCTV cameras all round the building to monitor activities outside and inside the building. These cameras are functional on a 24/7 basis.

The Legal backing of this gorgeously built apartment is the Governor’s Consent.


The asking price for this good property deal goes for the sum of Seventy Five Million Naira only.


Payment can be made once or based on the payment plan agreeable between the developer and the wiling buyer.

All titles and documents pertaining to acquisition of the property shall be duly handed over or transferred to the buyer at the completion of all mandatory signing whereby he or she has met with all necessary agreements

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