Elegant Finished House

Elegant Finished four chamber and boys quarters and plenty of different glamourous options.

The property is in an exceedingly serene setting and enjoys a tared road network. the whole premises of the building is fantastically inter-locked with a pleasant trying pattern.

Immediately when the most entrance into the premises is that the security post/house. the safety home is well finished furthermore with fashionable facilities fastened in it. it’s a toilet, a room and a large chamber. The ceiling is created of plaster of Paris and it’s windows well position to change daylights into the rooms.

The compound contains a house for parking area, there’s additionally an area within the yard wherever laundry garments are often unbroken. inside this space dirt’s accumulated by every resident home is been born at a selected purpose within the outside of their gate whereby the waste management comes and pack them up.

The building is well separated from the neighboring buildings through the assistance of a fence. bound exterior a part of the most building walls area unit been titled that brought out the additional aesthetic read of the building whereas the remaining components area unit well painted.

The Elegant Finished four chamber totally Detached comes with a balcony that’s projected at the higher floor front of the building, it’s enveloped with a bannister to confirm no injury or home accident is encountered.

There area unit cctv cameras positioned at places everywhere the building each within the within and out of doors to assist monitor activities within the premises. now the doorway door of the building is opened is that the living room(This space of the building for visitor’s usage). It additionally contains a dinning house.

The windows in these building ar all manufactured from louvers and ar been fastened at points wherever it permits daylights and large ventilation into the building. the whole ceiling within the building is created of POP that has LED lights fastened thereon that produces the building a heaven on earth.

The surroundings of the building enjoys twenty four hours security and that they has been no record of stealing or holdup within the space. because of the impure nature of water inside the realm, to assist purify the water for human use and consumption.

The area additionally enjoys steady electricity power provide however in periods wherever there’s power out break lister generators and inverters has been put in within the building to assist provide steady lights within the property.

The Finished four chamber totally Detached has associate degree en-suite rooms that has connecting doors to find the lavatory. it’s well made wardrobes within the bedrooms and a well finished loos having splendidly wanting rest room facilities sort of a bath bath-tub, Glass shower space, lavatory, heater, LED lights and lots of different options.

The room is totally fitted, having all necessary instrumentality and facilities required to form it liveable. There area unit in-built speakers mounted at places within the building to present pleasure throughout amusement and leisure.

There are also boys quarters at the back yard of the building where house staff will stay while carrying out their respective duties.

Title of purchase: Governor’s consent

Price: These well Finished and the house a boys quarters and many other features was brought to the open market at the value of Ninety Million naira but currently is going on a promo and discounted price of Seventy five million naira only

Market value: #90m

Discounted Value: #75m

Interested in this property? for enquirers/inspection kindly contact 08070847312 or 07012856907

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