Contemporary Room Space for Sale

Contemporary Room space for Sale with boys quarters and a neat finishing

It is gaintly mounted and beautifully positioned at the Chevron 2nd toll gate Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria

These is one of the most gorgeous and well viewable property in this area

It has and is regarded as one of the property within the vicinity with awesome finishes.

The developer of these particular property has a great taste. Also the architectural design is superb

The company which this contract was awarded to did a magnificent work which is obviously seen by many who passed by

The exterior view of the property is so gorgeous but can’t be compared with the interior finishes

The interior of this contemporary 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex is heaven on earth.

The builders and other environmental bodies engaged in ensuring the completion of this property did a great work

The property has a niece fencing which helps demarcate it from other properties within the vicinity

The gate used to enclose the entrance into the compound is strong and made of quality steel.

The compound is spacious and the building is well constructed on a one plot of land

The building comfortably suit into the compound and still has enough space for parking lots and even for kid’s to play around

It also has a space for swimming pool where property owners can carry out recreational activities during leisure.

The property has a session of the building specifically for gym activities. These is a small hall room where property owners carry out exercises

There is a family lounge and a pantry session in this gorgeous property

The estate where this property is built enjoys 24/7 security and power supply

There is also steady water supply to all properties and the water is been thoroughly treated before been channelled.

The property has a fully fitted kitchen with well designed cabinets, a center table for meal preparation which was top covered with titles

The both wall and floor is titled respectively with a gorgeous marble titles. There are sockets put in place even for electric cooker usage.

POP is the ceiling method applied in all interiors of the building while modern roofing sheets which are known to be so costly are used

There is space for boys quarters in the property for specific use by house workers and visitors. It is been well finished and has toilet in each of the rooms

The parlour setting is superb and well space to accommodate furniture’s and equipment needed to fix in it. It has a rest room which is enclosed with a door

Immediately after the parlour is the dinning which is as well spacious in size, through here the kitchen can be assessed

Each of the en-suite rooms that makes up the contemporary 4 bedroom semi-detached duplex is large with windows place at strategic positions to allow massive air flow and daylights

It has wardrobes that is tastefully designed. The master bedroom is larger than others even in the toilet aspect it has more facilities compared to others and has a door through which a balcony can be assessed in case he or she needs see the environment

There are toilets in each of the rooms and can be assessed through a door in the bedroom. They are all completely finished with modern toilet facilities to ease comfortable usage

The property was well constructed such that the retains noise. One can possibly hear what is going on in the inside accept he or she enters.

Also, the noise in one’s room can’t be transmitted or heard by the other in his room

There are also in-built speakers fixed in the building to enable leisure and entertainment.

Also, CCTV cameras are mounted to help dictate and monitor scandalous activities within the interior and exterior of the building as safety of lives and property are paramount.



Payments can be made complete within 2- 6 months interval

Governor’s consent is the title covering purchase of the property

For more enquires and inspection contact 07012856907 or 08070847312

We are 24/7 ready to take interested buyer to the property for inspection

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