Four Bedroom Fully Detached in Ikota

Four Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex in Ikota Lekki that is  just completed and gorgeously building with a bq is ready and available to be bought or occupied by a willing buyer.

The sweet looking building is constructed and can be located at Ikota Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

The entire floor of the compound is neatly titled with a lovely titles.

The compound has a space where cars can be parked and as well a car cover to protect the cars parked from environmental or harsh weather conditions.

It comes with a well built security house where the security man can live while ensuring the safety of the occupants of the building.

The building has lights and security lights inclusive to ensure the entire compound is viewable even at mid night hours.

The building wall is well screeded and painted with an expensive and good looking paints.

There is a fence which demarcates one flat from the other and helps to secure the privacy someone completely.

The drive way to one’s apartment is completely separate as one apartment has its own gate which is used to access the compound.

There is a tighted glass mounted on the staircase to help illuminate the building during darkness.

The building has a well constructed balcony where the occupants or visitors can comfortably seat out to have fresh air and view happenings within the compound.

The Four Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex in Ikota Lekki has a well spaced bedroom, also the master bedroom is much more sized compared to other rooms.

Each of the rooms has its own toilet, the master bedroom toilet is constructed with a glass bath area and a Bath-top. The showers, wash hand basins, water closets and water heaters are all functional and in good working condition.

The kitchen space is massive with well constructed cabinets were items and materials can be kept. There is an installed washing machine in the kitchen to ease laundry work. The sink is of a large type and the tap is functioning properly.

The ceiling is that of plaster of Paris with an inputed lights to help enhance the illumination of the building.

The wiring of the building is that of a conduit wiring whereby one can not see wires running on the surface of the wall or floors.

These building is highly and taught fully constructed to give maximum comfort to its occupants.

The Legal backing covering the purchase of the building is of the governor’s consent.

These building is indeed one of this kind as everything one needs to live happily and comfortably has been already put in Place.


The asking price for the purchase of the above mentioned building is going for the sum of Ninety Million naria only


Payments can be made once or gradually depending on the agreement between the developer and the willing buyer.

At the completion whereby the buyer has met with all the necessary requirements regarding purchase of the building, documents and other things pertaining to the property has been handed over to him or her showing that he or she is now the new occupier and owner of the property.

For enquiries on purchase drop a message on the comment box.

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