apartments in agip rumueme port harcourt

Bungalow Apartments tastefully built and sitting on of land, located  at road 12, Low cost housing estate agip Rumueme, in Rivers State is ready for outright sale

These Bungalow building comprises of standard 2 units of 2 bedroom flat, 1 unit of 3 bedroom flat and 1 unit of 1 bedroom flat with toilets and kitchen in each of them

Bungalow Apartments are very much remarkable because of its less noise generation. These building is made of flats and each occupants are meant to stay in there various units without generating noises or disturbing the peaceful use of others.

The pollution generated are less due to the fact that all flats are meant to keep there respective units clean from time to time in order to allow for a better air quality into the units.

The environment is green as the building was well positioned in a manner to allow more ventilation into all the units, the doors and windows are also taughtfully placed.

Also provision for daylights, sunlight were made to ensure  that occupants have a cool use of their flats.

Bungalow Apartments are well secured. The buildings are been surrounded with a fence and gate to ensure the safety of occupants.

Due to the fact that the environment is secured they tend to be less crime incidence occurrences within the vicinity, also each flat is protected with a burglary proof.

Bungalow apartments maintenance costs are very minimal, there is no need to climb stairs like in other buildings, thus, one has to conserve his or her energy.

Also, in bungalow buildings the living space, as well as the bathrooms are both spacious enough, which gives one more room than usual.

Bungalows looks very beautiful and artistic. It is also great for people who want to live solely, without having neighbors close by(even if another house is built near by). It is reputably know for its wide spaced backyard.

All the flats has been fixed and there is no wear and tear existing in the building. renovation works has been succesfully carried out to help restore all worn out parts of the building. all the channels and plumbing works are functioning perfectly well

The flats are well separated from each other as one does not have any thing to share with the other flat.

This bungalow building is unique and was well drafted and built following architectural design.

Each flats has a maximum and peaceful use of its units and there is enough space in the compound for parking lots or for children’s play arena. The locality enjoys steady power supply and also the building is titled in all its interiors.


The spaciously built bungalow apartments comprising of severally units in a serene environment, tared road network, a gated environment is available for sale for an affordable price.


Deed of Convenyance (D of C) is the legal title covering purchase of this building.

All documents are intight  and payments can be made installmentally

Inspection fee is slightly negotiable while the agency fee is 5% of the total amount accruable to the property purchase

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