Well built two bedroom apartment is ready for purchase and is located at Ikate, Lagos State.

Are you looking for a way to increase your cashflow then real estate investment is one of the best ways of growing your wealth for tomorrow’s  massive enjoyment.

This two bedroom apartment which has been neatly and awesomely built is a great investment opportunity perfect for increasing your cashflow and earning a massive income through acquiring it for the purpose of a shorter business. You can also literally make money in your sleep with this investment. You can actually close eyes and invest or purchase this apartment maybe one , two or as many units as you can afford, is either you purchase and live in there or for business or better of you purchase and shortly to those who are in need of homes/houses and collect rent from it either monthly or yearly from your tenants. This building is built with standard building materials  as both the interior and exterior views are superb.

There is enough space in the compound as everyone living in the property has his or her own parking lot plus extra space for other activities.

Each apartment is built in such a manner that noise from unit will not disturb the peace and comfort of another in his or her own unit.

The area where the property is located is notable as an area that enjoys constant power supply and security.

The entire compound is well inter-locked and is fenced for security purposes. The building also has a security house where the security man lives and ensures the safety of the occupants of the building.

The kitchen is large enough and has space for walk-abouts. There is also several kitchen cabinets to accommodate keeping of food stuffs and other utensils used in the kitchen. It also a space where a washing machine has been installed.

The wiring type used in the building is that of conduit wiring(there is no trace of wires on the external surface of the building).

There is a steady water supply to all units in the building.

This building has been fully completed and is awaiting buyers or purchasers to be acquired.

This post is to notify the general public who are interested to grow their earnings through real estate investments and those also who desire to own a well built house or home which is situated at a great and comfortable area in Lagos State to start placing calls in order to buy as many slot as they can afford while there is still space in the building. This building is great erected on three floors and is massively and wonderfully built on a large land area.


Each unit of the two bedroom apartment in the building is available for purchase at a fixed and standard price of Sixty Five Million Naira only(#65m).

For more information on how to go about in order to make necessary steps in acquiring a unit or more in the above mentioned building place a call to 07012856907 or 08070847312.

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