Brand new 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex for Sale

Just listed today in the property market is a tasteful and gorgeously built and well situated brand new four bedroom semi-detached duplex with bq. It is located at Ologolo Lekki, Lagos State.

An Understanding of what a semi-detached duplex is all about: A semi-detached home or duplexes is a single-family home that is built to share one common wall with the home beside it.

For many homebuyers or builders, this is a preferable choice over a townhome/house because not only does each home have its own entrance and surrounding land, but there is also more privacy with only one connected wall.

These homes tend to be designed to be mirror images with each other. so therefore, if the shared wall is a kitchen in one home, it is also a kitchen in the other home and so on.

These type of building can also be seen in  bungalows. This is a perfect building type especially where an extended type of family exists, it will enable each family to stay private and off from the other family.

Semi-detached houses is one of the best building investment one can make knowing well that real estate investment consisting of land and Landed properties appreciate from year to year.

These property is neatly built with original building materials from trusted sellers.

The entire construction of the building is perfectly done through the contribution and supervision of a professional builder and other building members such as the Quantity surveyor, Architect, Land surveyor, Estate Surveyor and many more.

The building is comfortably laying on a standard one plot of land.

The building is well soundproofed to ensure noises from once unit does not disturb the peace and comfortable use of the other in his or her unit.

The whole compound of the building is neatly inter-locked in such a way to ensure complete flow of water after rainfall without consisting of any water poll.

The building is well fenced and with a gate.

There is space at the back yard of the building where washed clothes can be dried.

Borehole has already been dugged. There is constant supply of water in the building.

The area where the building is positioned enjoys steady electricity power supply. Also there is maximum security in the area as security personnels is been put in place.

There is an already constructed car park cover where cars can be parked at ease.

There is a generator house where one can comfortably installed or keep his or her generator without having to drag it always.

The building comes with a well constructed and designed boys quarters where the security man, workers or any visitor can peaceful sleep.

Each of the rooms in the boys quarters has a kitchen and a toilet.

There is a balcony which is well positioned where the occupants of the building can comfortably seat out to relax or even catch fresh air and also to have a view of the environment.

Each of the rooms that makes up the four bedroom semi-detached duplex has its own toilet which has been equipped with modern toilet facilities consisting of a water heater, water closet, a glass shower area, wash hand basin, and a well fitted ceramics bath-top incase one does not wish to use the shower

The sitting room is so large to accommodate all facilities and materials needed to beautify it and it also has a dinning space. It also has a visitor’s convenience room


The kitchen is big with several cabinets all fixed  The bedroom is super fabulously made with several wardrobes where one can keep his or her personal belongings.

The ceiling type used in all the interior of the building is that of plaster of Paris(POP) with fixed lights to help add more beauty to it.

The whole floor of the interiors are well titled with an expensive and good looking titles.

The kitchen and toilets are neatly titled on both the walls and floor.

At the completion of payment, the legal backing covering the purchase of this tastefully built property is the Governor’s Consent.


The above well detailed property is selling for the sum of Eighty Million naria only (#80m)

Payments can be once or installmental depending on the agreement between the buyer and the developer

Inspection of the property is free. Any interested buyer is advised to come for inspection of the property by him or herself.

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