Newly built and sweet looking semi-detached duplex with a balcony consisting of four sizeable bedroom, toilet, kitchen, store, parlour and other facilities is ready for sale.

It is located and can be accessed at Chevron Lekki, Lagos State.

This property was duly and carefully designed by a reputable architect and built by a trusted builder and other building construction members including the quantity surveyor, land surveyor, Estate Surveyor etc. The building materials used for the construction are mainly of foreign content especially the plywood which will it stand for a taste of time without it detoriating.

The entire interior floor of the building is titled with a good looking titles while kitchen and bathroom is properly titled on both the floor and walls.

The compound of the building has a large space where cars can be parked, it also has a car park cover to protect the cars from environmental hazards and can also be used to carry out other social activities.

The building is well fenced and there is maximum security in the area.

A mini and sizeable fence is used to demarcate one flat from the other, the building is built in a way that one can have a built habitation of his or her apartment or flat

There is steady electricity power supply in the area where the house is built and also steady water supply.

The roof of the building is done using the modern roofing sheet while the ceiling is made of plaster of Paris which gives it much beauty as there’s lights installed in it to help illuminate the building.

There is security lights mounted in the building to enable it’s occupants to be able to view the compound even at mid night hours.

The rooms are large enough to accommodate a big framed bed and other items to make the room look great.

Each of the  toilets in the building has a functional shower, water closet, wash hand basin and a water heater.

The parlour is massive and has visitors toilet for convenience.

The kitchen cabinets  is constructed and designed with  foreign woods to enable food items and other kitchen equipments to be kept safely. It also has a washing machine already mounted in the kitchen for laundry purposes.

There is also a large space at the back yard of the building where washed clothes can be hung for sun drying.

The Legal backing of the building is the Governor’s Consent.

Real estate investment is the best and most reliable investment platform for any individual who is willing to invest for future profits.

A house or land  bought today for let’s say 25 million naira is likely to sale for 45 million naira or above in the next five to six years unlike many other investment platform which its value will drastically reduce to nothing and later will be sold out at a scrap value.


The value of this newly built four bedroom semi-detached duplex with a balcony and all that is needed to make one comfortable and relaxed is going for the sum of Ninety Million Naira only (#90m). There is bound to be a cordial relationship between the developer and the buyer.

Payment can be made once or on installmental basis as to be agreed by both parties.

For more enquires call do well by dropping a message on the comment box.

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