Ben Reynolds, released by Hull KR, finds a new team

Ben Reynolds, released by Hull KR, finds a new team

Ben Reynolds has signed with the Featherstone Rovers.


After a brief stint with Hull KR, where he was playing on loan for Hull FC, their neighbors, Reynolds is back at Rovers.


Reynolds contacted the team over the possibility of returning on a contract that would last until the end of the season after terminating his agreement with Hull KR.

With a knee injury that will likely require surgery in the coming days, halfback Thomas Lacans, 30, will be essentially replaced by the 30-year-old halfback for the duration of the season.


Reynolds stated: “I’m really happy to be back at Featherstone and I’m fully focused on helping the club by playing my best rugby.” Earlier in the season, Reynolds recorded three tries and 19 conversions for the team.


“With so many talented players at Featherstone, we have a really strong group, and I have no doubt that in the upcoming weeks, we will be able to start building momentum and reach the heights we know we are capable of.”


“I’m excited to start training with the boys again and giving the club my all this time around.”

James Ford, head coach of Featherstone Rovers, continued, saying, “First of all, I’m thrilled to have a player of Benny’s caliber return to the team.


“Benny was excited to play for Featherstone Rovers again, so having him back in the lineup right now is a huge plus for the team.


“Thomas suffered a terrible injury that ultimately prevents him from playing the entire season. Benny will be a huge asset at a position where we’ve had trouble selecting players consistently.


“I’m excited to watch Benny get back into the game and give the Club his best rugby.”


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