A newly sophisticated property is ready and visibly available for interested buyers to occupy.  Are you a real estate investor or an individual who wishes to live to comfortably and undisturbed then this four bedroom townhouse is beautifully constructed and decorated for your maximum satisfaction.

Townhouses are more spacious than high-rise condos, but they don’t carry the same maintenance needs or costs as detached/semi-detached houses and it is the combination of affordability, convenience, and space that has made and will continue to make  townhouses an increasing popular and recommended option for would-be buyers or potential buyers.

Below are the major benefits drivable from the ownership or acquisition of a townhouse, they include:

1. Lower purchasing cost: The actual price varys with location and size in townhouses and it’s  cost is less than single detached houses.

2.Minimal Maintenance cost: Townhouse maintenance cost are usually minimal or at a reduced cost because they are been taken care of by it’s owners.

3.Privacy: Townhouses provide maximum security to it’s owners or occupiers as they are security personnel employed to safeguard the entire property.

4. Quality life amenities: Most townhouses provide or offer   amenities such as a gym, tennis and/or squash court, swimming pool, and play area for kids

Townhouses are one of the best type of building that should be rented by an individual because he or she can decide to use the rented apartment for several purposes, enter to relet, for office purpose, or even for certain commercial use which in return help to generate massive income which might be monthly of yearly income depending on which type the owner wishes to sublet it to.

These sweet and dream come true property for many individuals who wishes to own and live in a decent accomodation and it can be easily accessed and located at  Chevron Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The property has enough space where one can freely work about or even carry out an exercise such as sports or certain recreational activities

The entire floor of the compound is smoothly inter-locked and it is neatly done in such a manner whereby after rainfall, water can easily run off from the compound with constituting a poll of water.

The property is well fenced  with a gate to ensure the safety of its occupants.

Each of the apartments is well and neatly demarcated to ensure that one does not interrupt another’s privacy.

Each of the apartments has their own entrance point to the interior of that house and also has a car park cover to help ensure the safety of the cars parked from any kind of weather conditions.

The wall of the entire building is well screeded and painted with an eye viewing paint which helps to add more beauty to the building.

The building has a balcony where one can freely seat to observe the happenings within the compound.

Air conditioners are taughtfully mounted at every strategic points where it is needed in the building which includes in the sitting room, bedroom and so on.

The doors and windows are made of high quality materials. They are also well positioned in places where it ensures maximum air inflow and outflow.

The entire floor of the building is well titled with a nice looking titles.

The walls and floor of the kitchen and toilet is neatly and sweetly titled with expensive titles.

There is steady supply if electricity in the environment where the property is built.

There is also constant supply of water to all units in the building.


Each of the four bedrooms has its own toilet plus an additional toilet in the sitting for visitors use.

The kitchen is large enough as it accommodates several equipments and materials needed to make the kitchen super fabulous ranging from the a well sizeable sink, several cabinets where items can be stored, a washing machine for laundry purposes, a store for keeping food stuffs, a refrigerator, gas cooker and many more already installed.

The sitting room is large as it can accommodate big sized couch and other things needed in a sitting room. It also has a dinning space where meals can be served.

Each of the bedrooms are well sizeable to contain a bed frame and other equipments one can wish to place in his or her rooms. It also has a big wardrobe where one can keep his or her personal belongings safely.  In respective of all these the master bedroom is a bit larger than others.

In each of the bedrooms lays another door to access the toilets. The toilets are well built with modern toilet facilities consisting of a shower, water closet, wash hand basin and also a glass bath top at the masters bathroom.

The roofing sheets are all made of modern sheets. The ceilings are also all made of plaster of Paris (POP) which helped in contributing to more additional beauty the interior part of the property has.

These property is indeed such which one can not afford to miss.

The public is therefore devised by this  detailed descriptions to venture into acquisition of this tastefully  and sophisticated four bedroom townhouse apartment while there is still space, there are still much available spaces for now.


The already detailed building is available for purchase for the sum of  Eighty Million naria only


At the completion and singing of all documents pertaining to the successful purchase of these property, all papers has be handed over to the purchaser showing that he or she is the new rightful owner of the property.

Also the Legal backing covering the successful purchase of this property is known and addressed as the Governor’s Consent.

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